Ilustriel Morningstar - My hair is golden like the buttercup fields in spring, my skin a light bronze from my time spent wandering, and my eyes are green with flecks of amber.

My father, known as Soinara Morningstar is a Sunrise elf. My mother known as Melana Ruanthor is a Moon elf. My father was a spy and traveled the lands in search of an ancient talisman that was stolen from the Tel' Quessir back in the far reaches of time. This talisman was foretold to bring peace to the races and goodwill to all whom had goodness in thier hearts.

In his travels he came across a battle torn land. From a crevice in an old knarled oak...came a thin cry and thus did he find me spared from the ravagges of battle. An elven child, he took me as his own. Gathering me to his breast he bore me back from a land he spoke of only as Middle Earth.

Eventually his travels led him back to the realm of Faerun. There in a town called Silverymoon he met my mother. She had a way with music and loved to play her flute, when she played wonderous things would happen, animals would flock to her side, scamper and frolic, people's hearts would lighten and smiles replace anger, frowns or unhappiness.

After a time passed, long by human standards, a moment for the long lived...the two fell in love and married in the ancient way. I never felt anything but love and affection from them and was as one with them and the rest of the Tel' Quessir.

I carry some of both my parents traits within me...My hair is golden like the buttercup fields in spring, my skin a light bronze from my time spent wandering, and my eyes are green with flecks of amber. My father took my mother and I with him on his travels and I have seen many towns, elven and human and even towns inhabited by other weapons of choice are the longsword, a dagger if I am walking with stealth and of course my elven bow. I get along well with those of other races yet always prefer the company of my elven cousins.

I was trained in the art of espionage and music as well as the song of the blade. At an early age I discovered an additional gift bestowed upon me by the Seldarine. When I played an intrument I could make visions appear..a shimmering rendention of tales, places and even events as yet unfolded. Shall I play for thee.....

*opens her pack and pulls her harp from her pack*
*begins to softly run her fingers along the strings*

*soft noted fill the air::::and a shimmering vision appears*
*a sun filled glade with a babbling elf maiden kneels and gently her fingers touch the water*
*satisfied she cups her hands and fills them with cool water*
*she drinks thirstily and rises*
*lowers her arms and the vision slowly fades*
*places her harp back within the pack and resumes her tale*

In my travels I met some elves in the land of Toril and made there my home with a company of elves known in human terms as The Grey Company and in the elven as Tel' Mithrim. There for a time I chronicled the histories and adventures of the land and its people..until I felt the need to wander.

After wandering the realms a bit I returned and visited with Lywnis to catch up on current events. His soft spoken manner and his gift of song eased something within me and I wished to know him better. We took long walks within the forest; his friend the falcon soaring overhead and after a time I fell most deeply in love with this handsome elf. Alone with the Seldarine we were wed in the ancient ceremony of joining ..since that time we have grown so close I feel his every joy, need and want .... tis a happiness beyond compare...

Then came tragedy as we along with all those that dwelled in Faerun cast from our homes by an Apocolypse of unspeakable horror. Since that fell day we have wandered and adventured far together...seen the lands of Drakkar, a land ridden with dragons and ice beasts. There we tarried for a time to battle the forces of evil alongside noble Edanea, Naugrim, and Tel'Quessir ...Yet while we found companions we never found a home .. ever did we long to see the faces of Tel'Mithrim and hear their voices ... At last we embarked and after a long journey arrived upon the shores of Brittania... Not soon after we met our old friend Elenlanta Ranar who transported us the Tel'Mithrim village. A truly joyous homecoming.

Not long after our arrival, as I played my harp, I saw in a vision that I was to be reunited with my sister from so long ago. Until this time I knew nothing of the family I presumed slain on that terrible field of battle.

From my father I knew only that our town was overrun by evil Mages ... certainly none but me were spared. Grabbing Lywnis we raced along the beaches until at last we found a crumpled form amidst the flotsam. Lifting her from the sand I turned and look upon the face of my sister Luthien Tinuviel and saw my own green eyes gazing back at me ... So happy am I that the Gods have sent her to she made her way here and what has transpired with our family .... I shall leave that tale for her to sing... here I wish you.....Sweet Water and Light Laughter till next we Meet....Lissen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva and May the Light of the Morningstar light thy path...Aa' i'me'a en' Amrunelen me'uva menlle....

Ilustriel Morningstar ready for battle.