Lywnis Yavielasse - Vedui' ar' Mae Govannen! Tel'Yavielasse am I, or in the common tongue The Autumn Leaf. So named was I in sad memory of the fading of Tel'Quessir from the land of Faerun in what has come to be known as The Retreat.

Three hundred and seventeen summers have I seen as I set quill to parchment to write this missive. I have been in my time a scholar, swordsman, archer, mage, and shall we say ... an aquirer of fine merchandise. For much of my life I lived among my people in the Grey Cloak Hills. Life there is harsh by the standards of the Tel'Quessir for the glamroth or orcs in edan speech make war upon us incessantly.

In the spring of my one hundredth and forty fifth year wanderlust ore took me and I traveled to the city of Neverwinter in search of adventure. Alas it seems that the adventurers life is oft not as glamorous as one might think. In truth I spent more time battling a hungry belly than foul creatures. Thus it was with little regret that I petitioned the Grey Company, then protecting elven interest in Neverwinter, for membership.

Heady where those days of adventure as this young elf explored the mysteries of Neverwinter Wood, Longsaddle, Triboar, and the like. Yet all of those pale before the greatest adventure, one that befell me one sunny afternoon, upon a deep forest path, love.

For their it was that I first glimpsed, Mel en' Coiamin ... Ilustriel Mornigstar, and from the first I was smitten. Her beauty and timber of heart are of such rare quality as to make my heart pound yet to this day. I count only the birth of our son Endril finer than the day upon which we wed.

Since that day, Ilustriel and I have shared more adventurers than this telling can relate, but our travels we came across Malorn Trees, once thought lost, deep within Neverwinter Wood and there made a home we called I'Silelenond. For a time we knew only peace but again the wanderlust ore took us both and we traveled west over the sea to Evermeet. In this time a great cataclysm destroyed Faerun and we lost all contact with our kin in the Tel'Mithrim.

Departing Evermeet, we visited a land know by it's inhabitants as Drakkar, and there we fought with a noble group of Edan that sought to stem the lengthening tide of darkness that threatened to sweep over the land. Yet in these days we never forgot the faces of our beloved kin. After a time if became know to us that many of them had survived the destruction of Faerun and escaped to a new land named Britannia.

Thence at last did we return unto our kin for is only with them that we feel truly at home. Many adventures have we had in Britannia, and it is there we call our home. One day, while out exploring the woods near Tel'Ruid, we came across a mystical swirling pool of light. Curious we came closer only to find ourselves drawn by it's magic into Dereth. Intrigued by the beauty and wildness of this new land, we explored a bit and then returned to Britannia with tales of wonder. Since that day we have continued to explore this wonderful place with some of our cousins who have joined us.

But those tales are for another day ....


Lywnis Yavielasse