Starrbolt Wanderer was born in the High elf tree town of the Grey elf city Celenaress. On the night of his birth, a shooting star lit up the sky, which inspired his parents, Tarma and Wilwarin, to name him Elenlanta (falling star). As a member of a nomadic clan of High elves, Starr traveled across much of Toril, exploring.

Upon coming of age, he set off on his own, journeying to the Sword Coast of Faerun. There, at an inn in the city of Neverwinter, Starr met Ul Keth (also known as Culindar, the Bow Singer), an elf who introduced him into the elven fellowship of Tel'Mithrim.

In the Grey Company, Elenlanta found a home like he'd never known. He shared companionship and adventure with many good elves and elf-friends, and he built a treehouse in the west central section of the Neverwinter Wood. Notably, Starr fought in the second Great War of Neverwinter, when the Grey Company battled the demons of SATAN. The drow matron, Arielana betrayed his trust when she and her warriors took Culindar captive; but, an elven rescue party succeeded in freeing the Bow Singer from ritual sacrifice at a drow altar in the Westbridge dungeon. On another occasion, Starrbolt joined the Grey Company in fighting Arielana's forces in the Longsaddle dungeon to save their comrade, Errandir.

Alas, calamity struck the community of Neverwinter Nights when it was torn asunder by the capricious, uncaring magicks of the Astral-plane Of Loneliness, and the elves of Tel'Mithrim were forced to move on. After a lengthy separation, Starrbolt rejoined his Grey Company cousins at their new home near the city of Yew in Britannia. Elenlanta enjoyed exploring the realm of Ultima Online and its wonders along with elven companions.

Lywnis Yavielasse and Ilustriel Morningstar invited Elen to join them in exploring a new realm, the land of Asheron's Call. In Dereth, Starrbolt practices all four schools of magic: creature enchantment, item enchantment, life magic, and war magic. Elenlanta Ranar delights in exploring the vast island, seeking out its intrigue and mysteries.

Starrbolt Wanderer casting a flame volley spell at a banderling.