I am Ali Kazam, a magess originally from Silverymoon, the city of magic on the world of Toril. My long-time adventuring companion, the elf Elenlanta Ranar, invited me to journey to Dereth and study the ways of magic here largely in his stead. Following the way of Og the One-eye, I have specialized in Creature Enchantment and Life Magic.

Ali Kazam casting a Flame Bolt spell at a Hoary Mattekar

My skills were tested by hunting the Hoary Mattekar, a fearsome predator of the snowy mountains. At one time, 'twas thought this legendary beast was extinct. But, they have returned. The hide of the Hoary Mattekar is coveted particularly by mages because it can be crafted into a robe of unique protective qualities.

Rare and elusive, I tracked the creatures in Northern Osteth. On the occasions when at last I found one, the ensuing battle was fierce and terrible.

Only my mightiest magical wardings enabled me to survive the fearsome piercing attack of the giant beast's horns. Highly resistant to magic, the Hoary Mattekar often shrugged off my mystic attacks, unfazed. But, the cold-loving creature was vulnerable to fire, and eventually my Flame Bolt spell singed it sorely.

The Hoary Mattekar hide

Unfortunately, in the chaos of combat, I was never able to recover a useable hide. For months, I hunted the Hoary Mattekar, slaying scores of them. But, my quest for a hide remained unfulfilled.

A mage must know persistence and patience, and these traits carried me through the long string of disappointments until, one day, I met success. Excitingly, I found a useable hide.

I took the hide to Castle Neydissa where the craftsman Yi Yo-Jin can be found. I gave the hide to him, and he crafted it into a magnificent robe.

Ali Kazam at Castle Neydissa Ali Kazam wearing the Hoary Mattekar robe

The Hoary Mattekar robe

The padding of the robe provides armor protection greater than a common cloth robe. But, the true value of the Hoary Mattekar robe lies in its elemental protections. In particular, it provides unparalleled protection against cold and electrical damage.

Now, my concern is finding a suitable helm to wear with my Hoary Mattekar robe.