Ali Kazam wielding her Smoldering Peerless Atlan Staff, wearing her Greater Amuli Shadow Armor, and carrying her Shendolain Crystal Shield

Of late, I have completed some of the most fabled quests in Dereth, the realm of Asheron's Call.

From hunting golems, I collected 16 pyreal motes, enough for my alchemist friend, Aiyaan Shiefu, to craft them into a high quality ingot. For long months, I patiently developed my skill at melee combat with the staff, the traditional weapon of the Gharu'ndim race, until at last I was ready to try to make an Atlan weapon. I purchased a magical glyph from Silencia at the Great Crater of Northern Osteth and used it to stamp the pyreal ingot. Then, I gave the stamped ingot to Silencia's pet Magma Golem. Wondrously, it forged the ingot into a Peerless Atlan Staff.

In the company of the Silver Citadel allegiance, I quested to deadly dungeons and obtained major elemental stones of acid, fire, ice, and lightning. A tool that was obtained through another quest enabled me to apply an elemental stone to the Atlan Staff, which enchanted the weapon to do elemental damage.

With a Silver Citadel party that included Egas, Buffminster Fuller, Akagi Kagerou, and others, I journeyed to Shendolain Vestibule, where we descended past undead guardians and insidious lever traps to reach the chamber of the Shendolain Crystal. After shattering the crystal, I obtained a gem, which I took to Gerloc the Defender near Uziz. He crafted it into a magical shield that was partly translucent and uncommonly resilient.

Some foes, such as Hollow Minions, use hollow weapons made of Chorizite, a metal that resists all magic, which can cleanly pass through the mightiest of magical wardings. Hence, I needed to obtain protective armor for when my Hoary Mattekar robe would not suffice. From reading a tome called "A Treatise on the Properties of Fused Gems", I learned of a use for dark shards found on shadows and crystal shards found on fragments. Relentlessly, I hunted Umbris Shadows, Panumbris Shadows, and Dual Fragments until I collected enough shards to make two Scintillating Gems. I gave the gems to Jibril ibn Rashid near Al-Jalima, who crafted them into Greater Amuli Shadow Armor.

Ali Kazam casting a Shock Wave spell at an Eviscerator Olthoi

Reports told of mutated Olthoi on the isle of Marae Lassel. After gaining enough experience, I ventured inside the Eviscerator Lair to see for myself. Indeed, the rust-colored bug creatures were faster and deadlier than others I had encountered before on the mainland. Luckily, powerful new spells I had learned protected me during my initial forays. Perhaps, with strong allies, I can return to explore further.