Your sleep is troubled, visions of horrible deeds plaguing your reverie. At once, you see yourself and your mellon fighting back a horde of opaque masses. The Shadows have invaded your dreams yet again.

You recall the fateful day, when they were beat back, when Tel’Mithrim Guild Hall burned, and your world shifted forever. The faces of those who came with you flashed vivid in your memory, then the faces of those who were forgotten. Through your bloodstained teary eyes you watched the fabulous hall crumble in flame.

Suddenly, the scene shifts to a sight you were not witness to. A lone elf sits before the entry gate to the hall, the only fully standing structure left. Her head is bowed deep, as if in prayer. Looking closer, you see that she is crying, mourning the loss of her home, her guild, her deepest friends.

She did not know! You try to call out, to let her know that The Grey Company lives on, but she cannot hear or see your attempt. After a time, she wipes her eyes and looks up, allowing you to know at last who she is. Dînalqua, in battle regalia, stares distantly at the rubble before her. In her hand is an ornamental stone, once one of the pieces that adorned the outer walls of the Hall. A highborn elf emerges from the darkness that surrounds this vision, her brother Dûralqua. He is disgusted at what he sees, and he seems to show this animosity towards the Guild Hall and to you. Slowly, Dîna stands, her head bowed low, and leaves with him into the darkness.

Your dream shifts again suddenly, the season changes, and Dînalqua returns. Strangely, she is followed close behind by a lean drow female, and they appear to be friends. She points to the ruins of the fair Hall, holding that same stone in her hands, and explains to the dark elf. Though you cannot hear what is being said, you realize why this drow should look so familiar. Dînalqua has a child? Of dark elf descent? You see that she is not a typical drow at all. Pale green eyes watch intently on her mother’s every word. You turn back to Dîna, but find her gone.

Turning swiftly, you see that you are again alone and night has fallen. Confused, you look around and are astonished when the ruins of the Guild Hall rise before you, whole and more spectacular than before!

Curious, you push open the gates and find the same Dînalqua, in fanciful dress, standing before you. She smiles openly as you walk inside, her arms spread wide. She then says, “Venduí mellonamin! Welcome home!”

Your reverie is broken by the new day, and you try to shake the visions from your memory. In doing so, you feel something cold in your hand. Looking down, you see a piece of the old guild hall, an ornamental stone from the outer wall.

A voice seems to whisper in your ear, “Tel’Mithrim is not yet complete. Come home, and return the Grey Company to Neverwinter!”

But it was just the wind.

~ Dînalqua of Alqualondé

Starrbolt Wanderer's vision shifted from the hazy, dreamlike state of reverie to focus on the plaster and wood ceiling of a modest room. In his mind, he could still see the Grey Company Hall in Neverwinter, but the image was fading fast as his senses awakened.

The elf sat up on the bed, his heart aching at the memory of the splendor of his former adopted home -- a haven in the Neverwinter Wood, built in harmony with the forest, secure amongst the fellowship of his elven comrades. Alas, the Hall was no more, torn asunder by the cruel workings of capricious, uncaring magicks.

Starrbolt looked around at the room which he had rented, on the second floor above the grocery shop in Glenden Wood ... on Dereth, the island realm of Asheron's Call. The disparity between his human-built surroundings and the memory of the lost elven Hall evoked a pang of despair.

His thoughts turned to Tel'Ruid, the glade amongst the woods east of Yew in Britannia, where several of the Grey Company elves had settled. Word had reached Dereth of how the Company had recently rebuilt Tel'Ruid better than before. "Good for you, my friends," Starr murmured.

He noticed something hard and cold in his left hand. Lifting it, he saw an ornamental stone, typical of an elven building. For several moments he stared at the stone, pondering where it had come from.

Then, he seemed to hear a feminine voice, like a faint echo: "Come home."

"Dinalqua," Starrbolt whispered.

He remembered the elven maiden, a companion from Neverwinter. Once, they had traveled the paths of the Lost Hills and encountered the drowess Ebonstarr. Battling together, Starr and Dina had survived and escaped.

Starrbolt squeezed the stone and said, "'Tis good to hear your voice again, arwen en' amin."

~ Starrbolt Wanderer