In front of the tavern in the Sho town of Tou-Tou, Ilustriel Morningstar and Starrbolt Wanderer met up with a group of more than 20 adventurers, many of them members of the Silver Citadel allegiance. The group had gathered for an outing to the Mines of Despair dungeon in quest for a magical artifact called the Focusing Stone. Ilu and Starr had been invited by the elven sorcerer Calistar, who had commended them to the quest leaders: Corrin Stormcrow, Galen Silverbow, and Tessa Ward. Corrin cast a Summon Portal spell, and the group stepped through the swirling oval of magical lights to emerge at the dungeon entrance.

A locked door was opened with a key that had been given by the hermit who lives near the mines in exchange for a special skull, which Corrin, Galen, and Tessa had obtained while questing at the Three Towers dungeon. Descending deeper, the adventurers encountered undead guardians including skeleton warriors, liches, and lich lords. A perplexing system of buttons and levers stalled the party from advancing through a locked door. Fortunately, guides including Kobura Kin-Wa joined the party and showed the way.

At the bottom of the mines, the adventurers encountered a lich overseer and its skeleton minions. Against the party's combined might, the overseer surrendered its treasure: a focusing stone. Through metal doors, they found a portal that transported them beyond the Mines of Despair to a fiery, molten dungeon. Battling decaying warriors, fleshless warriors, and unstable magma golems, the party fought its way to a chamber where they found a glowing orange vortex. Using the focusing stone on the vortex charged it with magical energy.

Ilustriel wielding the focusing stone The focusing stone

The focusing stone will be a boon for any task requiring concentration such as lockpicking, cooking, and spellcasting.