I had told my erstwhile dwarven friend, Bashem about a place southeast of Zaikhal, which I thought might be of interest to him. There lies an aptly named structure called Four Towers, with no entrance save a portal. The portal was enchanted to admit only relative newcomers and so I could not enter.

However, later, I had read reports that the portal had been broken and was under repair. Apparently, from what Bashem reported, the portal has been modified to admit all adventurers.

Inside, Bashem met a Gharu'ndim scholar named Dizah ibn Nadqab who told a tale, paraphrased as follows:

While excavating the site, Dizah inadvertently awakened undead. He escaped the dungeon, where he had found a large audience chamber filled with treasure. He gathered that the chamber was used by powerful Gharu'ndim War Mages. In exchange for a trade note worth 5000 pyreals, Dizah will grant access to the dungeon via a portal called Impious Temple, which is restricted to levels 20 and above. Adventurers can keep whatever they find, which might include items enchanted for Gharu war mages.

Last night, Lywnis and I traveled to the Four Towers southeast of Zaikhal and entered the Impious Temple portal. Ly handed the excavator, Dizah a 5000 pyreal trade note and the door was opened for us. (I was saving my pyreals to buy an archmage robe, you see.)

Inside, we found an intriguing quest. Good thing Lywnis is so methodical. Me, I would have gotten lost and frustrated, but the Sintar kept us on the right path. We found Dizah's journal, which helped us figure out where we needed to go.

Unfortunately, near what we suspect was the end, the undead guardians of the Gharu'ndim war mages' treasure chased us to a surface portal and out of the dungeon. Hence, we didn't find any particular quest item, nor the audience chamber filled with treasure that Dizah spoke of. But, we did survive.

Lywnis and Starrbolt battling undead in Impious Temple.

I gathered many common items along our crawl, which, after selling off at Fort Tethana, gave me enough pyreals to buy an archmage robe...hooray!

Perhaps we can gather a larger party and return to the Four Towers and Impious Temple some time to complete the exploration.

~ Starrbolt Wanderer

Our expedition into Impious was indeed exciting. Starr and I battled hordes of skeletons, skeleton warriors, and even a skeletal captain. The tomb complex is extensive and there is no telling how much more there was left to explore.

Interestingly some of the warriors wielded elemental weapons which we later recovered off of their corpses. This marks the first time I have seen the creatures of Dereth using the items in their inventories. Perhaps they grow wiser, which of course always bodes ill for the unwary adventurer.

I think if we were we to return with a few more elves that we might be able to fend off the undead priests that turned us away. As for what lies behind that?

I guess that's why they call them adventures!

~ Lywnis Yavielasse