'Tis quel that Star, Velahrcu, and Tinuvielle made the long journey out to the Mountain Retreat for Ilu and I discovered that evil lurks in even the mountains and vales close by this place of beauty and refreshment.

A few day past, we were tracking a passing tribe of Tuskers that had passed to the north and east of the castle when we came upon the ruins of what must have at one time been the sister fortress to the castle we now frequent.

Alas this once fair place is now crawling with Banderlings of every ilk. Guards and Raiders ring the walls, ready to leap down upon any who approach while numerous other types of Banderlings take their ease within.

Using all the cunning we could muster, Ilu and I crept within earshot of a tower within the castle and there we discovered something most alarming ... A Banderling Captain and a Banderling Chief parlaying with a Tumerok Warrior and his squire.

An alliance between these two fierce enemies would bode ill for Dereth's settlers indeed. Ilu and I attempted to slay these creatures, but as soon as we attacked a dozen or more guards lept to their defense.

Trapped in the close confines of the tower we were overwhelmed and soon found our essences floating to the nearest lifestone. With Star's help were able to recover our weapons, but the Tumeroks and banderlings continue to plot.

I fear that few besides the elves that reside in Dereth frequent this locale and thus 'tis up to us to put an end to this alliance 'ere it starts. Hopefully Vanidar and Camris can join us in storming this ruin and ending the threat once and for all!