Vanidar Silverleaf and I met outside of Arwic at the Mountain Shortcut portal. We took the portal and emerged in the northern mountains for hunting and exploring. In particular, I wished to find the bandit castle I'd heard tell of.

However, the mountain range proved impassable, and so we headed northeast to circumvent the peaks. Our route took us through a valley where we came upon a glowing green portal called "Lair of Death". I had seen green portals before -- never a good omen.

Vanidar and I agreed we might need a larger party to explore such an ominously named portal. Alas, while I spoke, my feet seemed to have different plans as they walked me into the portal. (OOC -- The infamous chat window interface bugaboo struck! I tried to type a message but forgot to enter chat mode first, and unwittingly hit a shortcut key that autowalked me toward the object I had targeted, which was the portal. Doh!)

A trip through portal space deposited me inside a dark, dank cavernous lair. Fortunately, a nearby surface portal enabled me to immediately return topside with Vanidar.

After discussion, we agreed to take a quick look.

Inside the cavern, we found some other adventurers exploring. Seeking safety in numbers, we followed them deeper, down a narrow passage. We passed some huge vats containing a bubbling green fungal broth. Approaching a large chamber, we heard high-pitched clicking and chittering...olthoi.

Vanidar and I had encountered the bug creatures before, but only on the surface and in the clear. This was the first time we faced olthoi in their subterranean lair.

Along with other fighters, Vanidar attacked the giant, carapaced monster. His enchanted elemental sword slashed at the horrible insect, while its huge digging claws struck piercing blows at its foes. I cast the mightiest War Magic enchantments I could muster. Eventually the creature fell.

Starrbolt casting a spell at an olthoi soldier in the Lair of Death.

After some more exploration and more battles against the insects, Vanidar and I departed.

Perhaps we might gather a party and go hunting olthoi there someday....