When Lywnis and I explored the Impious Temple beneath the Four Towers southeast of Zaikhal, I found a dusty volume which contained writing that I could not understand.

I took the volume to the library west of Cragstone, where Ilustriel and I had once read about the history of the Empyrean, the ancient race that flourished on Dereth before the invasion of the Olthoi. I gave the volume to the translator, Bretself, and he translated the ancient Empryean writing into the common script, which I could read.

The translator at Cragstone library examines the Empyrean history book that Starrbolt found.
Page 1 of the translated Empyrean history book. Page 2 of the translated Empyrean history book. Page 3 of the translated Empyrean history book.

The tale told in this Empyrean history book seems related to the Great Work of the Gelidites, which was recently discovered and defeated by courageous adventurers. However, rumors persist that evil efforts to raise Bael'Zharon are ongoing, perhaps linked to the Shadow war, which rages at the present time. Perhaps understanding this history will help us to fight Bael'Zharon's minions.