Last night, Lywnis, Ilustriel, and I, along with our new friend, Silver Elf, explored Impious Temple. Once before, Lywnis and I had forayed into that dark, cursed place, only to be chased out by undead guardians. With Ilustriel's blade and Silver Elf's magic, we hoped to discover more of its mystery.

Ilustriel, Lywnis, Starrbolt, and Silver Elf battling skeletal guardians in Impious Temple.

Alas, this time, we were thwarted by trapped doors, which had been devised by Gharu'ndim archmages to confound interlopers. We could not figure out how to work the levers to open a locked door, which we suspected would lead to the treasure chamber. Thus, the temple stubbornly denied us its secrets yet again.

Another adventurer graciously instructed us as to how we might proceed, but that is an adventure for another time....