Deep inside the fiery, molten depths of Crater Caves dungeon, I battled against flaming creatures including a magma golem. One skirmish yielded a rare treasure, a black rock.

Other adventurers told me to take the rock to a stone collector. I journeyed to Qalaba'r and gave the black rock to the stone collector there. He polished the black rock and crafted it into an obsidian sphere.

After a portal ride to Hebian-To, I found the outpost where the obsidian enchantress dwells. She accepted the obsidian sphere and created from it a wand of black fire.

Starrbolt raising the Wand of Black Fire The Wand of Black Fire

This wondrous magical weapon is far beyond my ability. Therefore, I shall leave it in the care of a friend for safekeeping while I continue to study the ways of magic. Someday, hopefully I will learn how to wield its spell.