Near Baishi, I found the entrance to Tatters dungeon. The dismal structure was guarded by dark creatures, including shadows and zombies. After slaying a shadow child, I heard a chilling whisper:

"Just wait...they have returned...they are still with us..."

Starrbolt hears the haunting whispers of shadow children in Tatters dungeon.

After another battle, I heard this mysterious message:

"Long ago there were five, but now they are three. They will have their revenge."

Exploring further, after another battle with shadow children, I heard the first message repeated.

What does it mean? Did the second message refer to the two battles I had fought in the dungeon, with three more to come? Or perhaps it referred to the shadows' apparent dark master, Bael'Zharon and its demonic ilk?

Another mystery of Dereth, only partially revealed. Mayhaps we elves can gather a party and explore Tatters dungeon more thoroughly in search of answers.