North of Arwic, near the bandit castle, a group of Grey Company elves ventured inside the Small Ice Cave portal. Lywnis, Ilustriel, Velahrcu, and I, joined by our friend Silver Elf, battled against gromnies and ice golems as we descended the depths.

Silver Elf departed, called by her monarch to aid a vassal elsewhere in Dereth. But, Vanidar joined us, bolstering our ranks with his strong sword arm.

Vanidar, Ilustriel, Lywnis, Starrbolt, and Velahrcu raise arms inside the Small Ice Cave.

We progressed to the bottom of the frigid pit but could not pass a locked door. Beyond the door, we heard the booming footfalls of iron golems, no doubt guarding treasure within. The Sintar Lywnis related a rumor he'd heard: the door can be opened by a special key, which can be obtained from the crazy vagabond at the bandit castle in exchange for some carrot soup.

Ilustriel mentioned she has a friend who is skilled in cooking. Perhaps Ilu can persuade her friend to cook some carrot soup, and then we might see what lies beyond the locked door.