While hunting near Fort Tethana, Vanidar and I encountered some new creatures that have sprung forth from the magical upheaval in the Direlands known as the Paths of Destruction.

From a distance, we spied unfamiliar variations of skeletons and banderlings, so menacing that we dared not approach. Atop a plateau, we saw a Malus Shreth -- much larger and stronger than even a Vorous Shreth.

The Malus Shreth seemed to be alone, however, so we decided to try our luck....

Vanidar and Starrbolt encounter a Malus Shreth in the Direlands.

Indeed, the beast was huge and hit hard. As the great shreth charged down the hillside to attack, Vanidar stood to the height of only its forelimbs. Fortunately, my Imperil spell took hold, helping Vanidar's blade to prevail.

The banderlings and skeletons, though, traveled in packs. We left their territorial claims unchallenged. It would take quite a strong party to engage such foes.