Last night, Lywnis accompanied me via a summoned portal to the Olthoi Tunnels, northwest of Arwic. After some skirmishes inside, we explored aboveground near the dungeon portal.

Lywnis led us northward to a valley where a circle of stone pillars marked a spot guarded by several Olthoi. From a distance, high on the hillside, we attacked the bugs. My spells and Lywnis' arrows struck from afar, drawing the huge insects to chase uphill after us.

Following a few exchanges of hit-and-run, some of my Creature Enchantment and Life Magic spells took effect, namely Magic Yield, Defenselessness, and Piercing Vulnerability. Then, Lywnis' armor-piercing arrows did telling damage.

Finally, a streaking arrow felled one of the scuttling died with a hideous shriek. Lywnis and I celebrated his first Olthoi kill.

A few moments later, he had slain his second bug. Nearly out of arrows, it seemed a fitting time to leave.

On our next Olthoi hunt, 'twould be good for archers to bring blunt arrows, as bludgeoning damage seems most effective against the insects' armored carapaces. Although, Vanidar's blade seems to slash the bugs readily enough...but, that might be due to the strength and skill of his swordarm.

~ Starr

Brave of heart is one who would close with an Olthoi. One pierce from their mightly talons sent me drifting back to the lifestone ere I knew it.

Yet I'm all for Vanidar engaging them in melee whilst I pepper them with arrows *grin*.

Perhaps we can get together a warband and explore this place even more.

~ LY