The recent magical upheaval in Dereth, known as the Paths of Destruction, created several new portals to previously undiscovered dungeons. Among these, northwest of Arwic, is the Olthoi Horde Nest.

I journeyed there and joined other adventurers in exploring the stone-hewn caverns. Advancing along a winding corridor, I came upon a strange sight that I had not seen before. On either side of the path were circular doorways, unlike the usual rectangular doorways of Olthoi structures. Furthermore, the circles were framed with odd green material, perhaps organic. Could they signify places of importance? In other Olthoi lairs, I had seen Olthoi Nobles, but never a Queen. Could this nest be her domain?

As I examined the doorways, an Olthoi Worker sprang up, surprising me, and attacked.

Starrbolt facing off against an Olthoi Worker inside the Olthoi Horde Nest.

Fortunately, my magical wardings were still in effect and I was able to retreat to the other adventurers, who helped me to survive and prevail against the chasing bug.

This dark nest deserves further exploration.