Those of us elves who have answered Asheron's Call are learning more about the primary conflict that embroils the island realm of Dereth.

A librarian at Cragstone Outpost let us read history books that told of an ancient race called the Empyrean. They had built a great civilization with amazing wonders of science and magic. But, apprentices of the magician Asheron unwittingly opened a portal to another world, ushering in hordes of vicious monsters known as Olthoi.

Asheron sent the Empyrean into hiding in a dimension between worlds and sent out a call for warriors to come to his aid. Warriors from many realms answered his summons.

Ilustriel and I visited an Underground City where humans had based their resistance against the insect-like Olthoi. Still, throughout all of our adventures in Dereth, I had never seen an Olthoi -- until tonight.

A strong female warrior named Tareese led me in adventuring in the mountains north of Arwic. She wielded a mighty sword that was crafted from an olthoi claw. After dispatching mites, banderlings, and mattekars, we came over a mountain ridge and Tareese halted. "Olthoi," she whispered. In the valley below, I spied three olthoi workers.

I told Tareese that I'd never seen the bug creatures before. She scampered down the mountainside to draw their attention and provide me a closer look. I cast Sprint Self to magically increase my running speed, and then I joined her.

Starrbolt pursued by an olthoi worker in the mountains north of Arwic.

After eluding the olthoi, later we were joined by Vanidar Silverleaf. The three of us returned to the valley where we'd spotted the olthoi. There, several other adventurers swarmed around an olthoi worker, hacking and slashing away. I cast spells on the olthoi, but the monster resisted them all. After several adventurers had fallen, finally the giant alien insect was defeated.

Adventurers say the olthoi hold sway in the Direlands, the southwestern region of Dereth. Before we elves venture there, methinks we'd best develop our skills sufficiently....