Here's a brief report on some recent adventures in Dereth, the realm of Asheron's Call.

Starrbolt in Glenden Wood.

Fair Glenden Wood, a peaceful town amongst the northeastern woodlands of Dereth isle, seems like home, despite all of the far-reaching traveling that we do. Currently, the green splendor of the town is covered by snowfall, like all of Dereth, due to a mysterious cold spell. Rumor has it that a missing party of adventurers, last heard from in the mountains north of Arwic, must be found to relieve the icy enchantment.

Ilustriel, Lywnis, and Starrbolt in Arwic.

We elves ventured to Arwic, along the northeastern coast, to explore the area and perhaps take up the search for the missing adventurers.

Descending into the Arwic mines.

The mines beneath Arwic were dark and eerie. The creatures that we found lurking there were foreboding and fearsome. Fortunately, we prevailed.

Starrbolt on a ledge overlooking a lich.

Another adventure took us to a dungeon where undead walked. With the help of the brave Brianna, whose lockpicking skill let us pass locked doors, we made our way to the bottom. There, we encountered a lich seconded by zombies.

The undead wizard's withering spellcraft set us back, unable to significantly penetrate its mystic wardings. Despite sword-wielding warriors such as Brianna and Vanidar Silverleaf, the archery of Lywnis, and the magery of Yoshida Tosho and myself, the lich sorely tested our ability to merely survive.

With luck, my Imperil spell took effect on the lich, lowering its natural physical defenses. Shortly, Lwynis' arrows and the blades of the warriors cut down the threat.

We looted the liches' treasure chests and then departed the dungeon, in search of more adventure.

On Dereth, adventure is easy to find....