Starrbolt Wanderer stood on a snow-swept mountainside and observed the glowing green swirl of mystic energy below. 'Twas a portal, created long ago by Empyrean mages, marked "Black Death Catacombs". The portal was guarded by three giant insects, called olthoi.

Starrbolt surveying the Black Death Catacombs portal, guarded by olthoi workers.

Starr had found the portal by traveling northeast from Arwic, along the coast of Dereth, the island realm of Asheron's Call. On a map of the isle, the elf had spied a yellow dot near the northeastern-most tip, indicating a place of interest. Other points of interest on the map marked outposts, forts, lifestones, or some other welcome site. Thus, it was an alarming discovery for Starrbolt to find an olthoi lair.

Other adventurers, exploring the area, joined Starr on the mountainside, including Tareese, the mighty female warrior who wielded a sword crafted from an olthoi claw. However, they numbered only four. Some initial, tentative skirmishes against the workers barely damaged the bug creatures, whilst the adventurers were hard pressed to merely survive. The party was not strong enough to battle the olthoi workers that guarded the portal, and surely not enough to enter.

Hence, Tareese and Starrbolt headed back to Arwic. Perhaps someday, though, they might return with a strong party....