Brianna the brave and Yoshida Tosho, adventuring companions to the elves of Tel'Mithrim in Dereth, were the first to find the castle high in the mountains of Northern Osteth.

The expedition had begun in Zaikhal and trekked northward, over the daunting Alphus mountain range. Unfortunately, Tareese was turned back by a pack of armoredillos, and Starrbolt Wanderer took a rather steep fall off of a mountain peak. (Hey, those polygons can be slippery.)

Persevering, Starr found an alternate route, from Holtburg along the river valley that wound northwesterly into the mountains. Soon, he was joined by Vanidar Silverleaf, Lywnis, Ilustriel, and Glorfindle.

The teal-turreted castle provided many welcome amenities amidst the harsh northern forestlands, including a lifestone, vendors, and portal to a hillside near Glenden Wood. Delightedly, the elves agreed that this place would make a fine base for exploration.

A short distance to the northeast, there lie a fort overrun by banderlings and tumeroks....

Lywnis, Ilustriel, Glorfindle, Starrbolt, and Vanidar at the mountain castle.