Magic pervades Dereth, the island realm of Asheron's Call. The elves of Tel'Mithrim who have ventured to this primal, vibrant land are learning the ways of magic here.

Yoshida Tosho, a mighty Sho sorceror, shared with me some secrets of advanced spell formulae, such as blast and volley spells.

Starrbolt casting a flame volley spell at an oncoming banderling.

Recently, Yoshi and I ventured with Ilustriel in the snowy mountains of northern Osteth, near our castle outpost. The enchanted fireworks flew, burning brightly, whilst Ilu bravely meleed monsters with her sword and shield.

Starrbolt fighting a wood golem with a lightning bolt spell.

The three of us managed to take down some tuskers -- enormously strong, hirsute, galloping brutes.

With Lywnis and Glorfindle as archers and Vanidar's strong sword arm, we're a multi-faceted fighting unit, ready for further exploration....