Last night, I ventured to Uziz, an oasis town amongst the Gharu'ndim desert of Dereth, the realm of Asheron's Call. While shopping for spell components, an archmage told me of a dungeon nearby called Grievous Vault.

I asked the swordswoman Shara to join me in exploring the dungeon, and soon she arrived with friends including one named Evil Sabbeth. (Evil turned out to be quite good, at least during this adventure....)

Shara I had met in the company of Asterlyn, an archer friend from the mountain castle. I learned that Shara is Aster's patron.

Our party stepped through the portal, emerging inside the vault. We leapt down a ledge and explored the corridors until we came upon a chamber that held this eerie sight.

Starrbolt and Evil Sabbeth examining an eerie sight in Grievous Vault.

Clearly, as the archmage had warned, there was dark evil in this dungeon. But, maybe that was okay, because, hey, there was Evil in our party.

Leaving moral ambiguities behind, we descended deeper into the vault, where we encountered undead monsters, including skeletons, skeletal warriors, zombies, and liches. Although the hordes of undead fiends sorely tested our ability to survive, the party pressed onward.

Finally, we reached the vault's bottom. There we found a chamber that was domain to a lich lord and his undead concubine, a tortured soul. Fighting side by side, we managed to prevail against the terrible menaces.

Starrbolt and Shara ready to battle the undead denizens of Grievous Vault.

After taking the surface portal back to Uziz, I chatted with Shara and her friend Evil. As we parted, it seemed I had made a friend of Evil, too.

You never know who you may fellow with in Dereth....