Among sword fighters on Dereth, perhaps the most sought-after and highly prized blade is the sword named after the revered Lord Atlan. However, just obtaining the materials needed to craft the mighty Atlan sword is a monumental task, let alone the demanding and costly forging process.

Vanidar Silverleaf undertook the daunting Atlan Sword quest. First, he collected 16 pyreal motes. These bits of raw metal were found on golems, which entailed many battles against the dangerous, hulking monsters.

Next, Vanidar combined the motes to form two pyreal bars. The elven sorcerer Calistar referred Vanidar to Aiyaan Shiefu, a skilled alchemist and member of the Silver Citadel allegiance. Aiyaan transformed Vanidar's pyreal bars into an ingot.

Using a Lifestone Recall spell, Vanidar traveled to the Great Crater of Northern Osteth where he purchased a glyph from Silencia the Magess. With enchantments cast by Starrbolt Wanderer in effect to increase strength, coordination, and sword skill, Vanidar used the glyph to stamp the pyreal ingot. Then he gave the stamped ingot to Silencia's pet Magma Golem. Amazingly, the golem forged a Peerless Atlan Sword.

Vanidar raising the Peerless Atlan Sword The Peerless Atlan Sword

The wondrous Atlan Sword can be further enchanted by application of elemental stones. But, the quest for those stones is another tale....