Welcome to Tel'Mallen, the Circle. The heart of every Elven Grove is it's Circle, for its life pulses in communion with Eru himself, our Lord and Father. Here in Tel'Mallen we are dedicated to the helping all Tel'Quessir throughout the Lands of Sossaria, offering our help and services as Tel'Ruid offers its very life to its Hini. Many of our People have written essays and articles for the betterment of our race, and we have provided them for you here. Please, feel free to look around, make yourself at home and enjoy the Circle's hospitality.

Talanithus Tarant  
Amandil Lindar en' Eru  

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Tel'Quessir. Who are they?
An explanation for Edanea of the Elven race, its sub races, and their ways.
Updated: 18 May 2000

Tel'Seldarine. The gods of the Elves.
A brief description of some of the gods of the Seldarine, the Elven pantheon, and their history.
Updated: 18 May 2000

Tel'Mithrim. What is it?
The history and mystery of Tel'Mithrim, the Grey Company. From their birth within the destroyed worlds of NeverWinter to their new home within Sossaria.
Updated: 18 May 2000

To be an Elf.
Essays on the integral aspects of RPing an elf.
Updated: 18 May 2000

The Awakening. Discovering Tel'Quessir within you.
A group of essays on background character creation for Elves.
Updated: Not avilable

The Gallery
The gallery of Stephanie Pui-Lan, an EXCELLENT resource for Elven pictures. Perfect for finding the image straight from your heart and soul.
Updated: 18 May 2000


Posting Board
A forum for talk of all things Elven.

The Elven Language
The Elven Language online!

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Our special elven word finder. Enter and hit return.

Elven Events
A calendar for Elven Events across the Shards.

Elven History
A treasury of Elven lore.

Poems and Stories
Tears and smiles from our hearts to yours

Links to other places of Elven Interest.

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