Role Playing
By Thranduil Graywolf of Tel'Mithrim

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What is roleplaying? Itís the art of taking on the personality of someone that is different from you. It is very similar to acting or writing. The biggest difference is that it involves interacting with other people without the benefit of a script or an outlined plot that you already know the ending of.

The most difficult thing to understand about roleplaying is that you only get out of it what you put into it. You canít just come into a room and sit in a corner and expect the others there to pull you into their RPing just out of the blue. Many people accuse Rpers of being snobbish or elitist because they donít go out of their way to include everyone they run across. The simple fact of the matter is, most Rpers get very involved in their characters and the existing plots that they are participating in, and they never think about trying to drag in people they donít know. Look at it this way...if you and some friends are standing around talking you usually won't try to pull nearby strangers into the conversation. If you want to be involved with a group of Rpers, you have to actively involve yourself. But do so with politeness and consideration.

The trick to being a successful Rper is to have interesting characters. If your character has nothing of interest to say, then people wonít interact with you. Itís important to work out a full history and personality for your character, and to stick to it when interacting with others. Itís also important to not have a perfect character, or a ridiculously powerful character. Such characters will rapidly wear on the nerves of the other Rpers you try to interact with.

The most important thing about Rping is to remember that everyone involved is in it for fun. Be polite, be considerate of the players behind the characters you interact with, and enjoy yourself. If you arenít having fun, then you need to change something, either your character or the group of people you interact with. There are some general guidelines you can go by to try and ensure a pleasant experience is had by all...

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