The Elves of Krynn (DragonLance)
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The high elves settled the world of Krynn long ago, and their history on this wondrous world is rich. On the continent of Ansalon, the main branch of elves was called Kagonesti, the source from which all other elves sprang. These others quickly abandoned the sylvan role, taking up more civilized pursuits.

Silvanesti Elves:
The first realm of elves on Krynn was called Silvanost, after their great leader in the first Dragon Wars. The Silvanesti are a fair skinned race with eyes of blue or brown and hair ranging from light brown to blond-white. Hazel eyes are a sign of the line of Silvanost. They are reminiscent of the grey elves in their attitude and outlook, for they are haughty and most concerned with racial purity.

Qualinesti Elves:
The Qualinesti broke from the Silvanesti centuries later over a dispute on how to best deal with the non-elven world. Under the command of Kith-Kanan, they left Silvanost when it became clear that the Silvanesti had stagnated as a society. They travelled west until they found a place where they could live in peace and freedom from the structure demanded by the Silvanesti. The relations between these two are strained at best.

The Qualinesti most resemble high elves, and are the most commonly seen elf on Krynn. They are slightly smaller and darker than the Silvanesti, with blond to honey-brown hair and blue or brown eyes.

The Qualinesti are more friendly than the Silvanesti. They have traded more openly with other races, and built the mountain fortress of Pax Tharkas as a joint effort with the dwarves of Thorbardin.

Kagonesti Elves:
The sylvan elves of Krynn are the Kagonesti. Although they are the first race of elves to ever set foot on Krynn, they are disregarded by the other races, shunned as wild and uncivilized. The Kagonesti, however much they dislike this situation, have chosen to reject civilization and it's "corrupting" values. They prefer, instead, the wild harmony of nature, the contact with the earth that the other elves seem to have thrown away in their quest for newer and better forms of government.

The "wild" elves are about the same size as both the Silvanesti and Qualinesti, but are much more muscular. They are very tan and draw designs on their faces and exposed flesh with clay and paints. Their hair is dark, ranging from black to light brown, with a rare throwback to the silvery-white of their ancestors. Their eyes are hazel.

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