The Elves of Oerth (Greyhawk)
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The elves of Greyhawk are the stereotypical elf, resembling the 'standard' elf in every respect. There are two subraces that are unique to Oerth, Valley elves and the Grugach.

Valley Elves:
This subrace of grey elves derives their name from their home in The Valley of the Mage. As servants or allies to the Mage, they protect the land in exchange for the Mage's ability to protect them from outside threats.

Most other elves despise valley elves. The common belief being that they have sold out their dignity and their independence for the fleeting protection of a human mage.

Like sylvan elves, grugach live in the deep pristine forests of unpopulated areas and also tend to be much less civilized. One area in which they do differ is their savagery.

While ordinary sylvan elves are onery and unfriendly, the grugach are downright vicious. Sylvan elves resent intrusion into their lands, but grugach will usually kill those who do so, regardless of race. Grugach cannot stand the company of any other humanoids not naturally of the forest. This includes druids and other elves, although it does not apply to nymphs or dryads. On the other hand, they possess a close kinship with the animals of the woodlands, dealing with them more equally than with humanoids.

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