The Elves of Toril (Forgotten Realms)
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The elves of this world possess all the standard elf abilities, but their appearance is markedly different. They are of human height and taller, though there the resemblance ends. Like their more typical cousins, they are much more slender and delicate in appearance. There are five separate and distinct subraces in the realms.

The elves of the Realms are one of the oldest races native to this world. While humans were living in caves, learning to hunt one another, the elves flourished. Their nations spread across Toril, and they lived in harmony with the land. But, as humans became more and more civilized, the elves had to retreat.

Although they were once the most powerful group of the Realms, the elves are a race in sad decline. They retreat from the world in ever-growing numbers. One day, humans will find the Realms devoid of elves. The greater world will no doubt miss their presence.

Gold Elves :
Some also call them sunrise elves or high elves, although they do not closely resemble the standard high elves and, indeed, seem more like grey elves. Gold elves are generally viewed as the most civilized and, at the same time, the most contemptuous of the other races. They are the nobility of elves on Toril, leading the other elves in the Elven Way. They are equivalent to the Silvanesti on Krynn.

Silver Elves:
Also known as moon or grey elves, although again, the name is the only similarity to the typical grey elf. They more closely resemble high elves than grey elves. (note: this is a name only issue, gold elves are grey elves, silver elves are high elves.) They are the most commonly seen elf on Toril, and the most adventurous. Although moon elves are considered less noble than gold elves, the Queen of Evermeet, Amlaruil, is a moon elf.

Green Elves:
Also called wild or forest elves, they are equivalent to the standard sylvan elf. They deal almost exclusively with other elves, keeping any contact with other races to a minimum. Since they try to live far from humankind, they are one of the least seen races of elves. Although they do not have a kingdom of their own, they permeate every elven nation.

Sea Elves:
These too are fairly uncommon, but are not as reclusive as wild elves. They swim in two waters: the Great Sea, and the Sea of Fallen Stars. There is only a slight difference between the two, one race breathes salt water and the other fresh water, but they can survive in either. Sea elves make their homes anywhere, but are most commonly seen around the island retreat of Evermeet.

Dark Elves:
Like their drow cousins, the dark elves are almost universally shunned for their evil. Cruel creatures living underground, these drow emerge only at night, trying to avenge themselves on their "oppressors", the elves responsible for their underground retreat.

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