General UO Links

Ultima Online
The official home of Origin's Ultima Online.
Update Center
Information on the latest game patches.
Britannia News Network
News from around Britannia (Formerly the Town Cryer).
Player Event Calendar
See what's going on for the month.
Server Status
Find out what condition the shards are in.
UO Vault
A great source of news and general information.
UO Strategy and Statistics
For the up to date specifics on the game mechanics.
UO House of Commons
A place to get feedback from the developers.
Crossroads of Britannia
Message boards and news on a variety of UO topics.
UO Assist
A very handy software utility approved for use with the game.
UO AutoMap
A utility to help you find your way.
UO Crafts
Devoted to crafters and merchants.
Mysterious Sosaria
A guide to Sosaria.
A search engine to help you find UO related pages.

Lake Superior Links

Lake Superior news and information.
LS Forums
Message boards.
The High Council
The royal advisory council of Britannia.
LS Community News
Information on quests and events.
Mage Tower
The Lake Superior chapter of the Mage's guild.
Kingdom of Harmony
The Trammel City of Harmony.
The Feluccan City of Destiny.
Alliance Village
The Felucca Town maintained by the Knights of the Alliance.
The City of Rivendell.
Library of Lore
The history of Britannia.

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