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Drow Membership

Members of Tel'Mithrim may enroll alts in this group without restriction.

People who do not have a Tel'Mithrim member may apply their Drow character for membership in the group if they meet the following requirements:
  1. Either one Tel'Mithrim Council member, or any two current Tel'Mithrim members must vouch for the candidate player's integrity.
  2. The player must reveal the identities of at least one other character they play on the shard to Tel'Mithrim Council. This allows additional insight into the playstyle of the player. If requested, this identity may be kept confidential within Tel'Mithrim and the Drow membership.
Each membership application will be judged on a case-by-case basis with the primary discriminator being the player's integrity and trustworthiness. To apply for membership, players should contact our puppets, Tel'Mithrim Council, to begin the process.

All Drow members are required to supply the following information for organizational purposes. This information will be distributed within the Drow group, and possibly Tel'Mithrim. Examples are included in parenthesis.
  1. Name of their drow character (a drow sargtlin)
  2. Name of their non-drow character (Allanen Elendil)
  3. Email
  4. ICQ
  5. The Drow's primary abilities (archer, mage, hiding, alchemist)
  6. If a non-anonymous drow, the group they belong to (Outcast or Maerdyn)
Note that inclusion on the guildstone does not constitute membership in Tel'Mithrim, and may be terminated if/when the drow scenario concludes or at the discretion of Tel'Mithrim Council.

House Maerdyn Drowish Resources Scenario Information Contact & Joining War Annex (Private)
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