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Elven Allies

People who do not have a Tel'Mithrim member and wish to help the Elves against the drow may apply for combat participation. General scenario participation does not require inclusion on the guildstone--however, during battle against drow, such allies will be limited to casting beneficial spells on Tel'Mithrim members. Admission is contingent on the following requirements:
  1. Either one Tel'Mithrim Council member, or any two current Tel'Mithrim members must vouch for the candidate player's integrity.
  2. They must supply their e-mail and ICQ to us.
Each membership application will be judged on a case-by-case basis with the primary discriminator being the candidate player's integrity and trustworthiness. When a candidate has found two members to vouch for them, they must request that these members post their vouchers on the Tel'Mithrim Private Boards for guild review. This review period will last 7 days, starting when both vouching members have posted. At the end of the review period, the application will be accepted if and only if no members are strongly opposed to the applicant joining the scenario.

If accepted, they must follow the Rules of Engagement for Tel'Mithrim members, and they may not have the TGC abbreviation/title displaying. They will be considered on the side of the Elves. If they do not act like Elven allies, they will be removed from the guildstone.

Note that inclusion on the guildstone does not constitute membership in Tel'Mithrim and may be terminated if/when the drow scenario concludes or at the discretion of Tel'Mithrim Council.

House Maerdyn Drowish Resources Scenario Information Contact & Joining War Annex (Private)
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