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Rules of Engagement

Combat participants in the Drow scenario follow strict Rules of Engagement. These rules are designed to protect Tel'Mithrim members from uninvited and/or unfair-unfun combat. As the Drow are not an independent organization, their rights come secondary to those of Tel'Mithrim members and their allies. This isn't to say that Drow should be treated badly--obviously if they are at too much a disadvantage, they won't want to participate, eliminating activity anyway.

Drow and non-Tel'Mithrim-members who intentionally and/or repeatedly violate these rules will be removed from Tel'Mithrim's guildstone.

Rules that apply to Drow specifically

  1. If attacked by a Tel'Mithrim member, a Drow may fight back.
  2. No combat may be initiated by Drow against a Tel'Mithrim member UNLESS said member actively and obviously seeks a confrontation, e.g.- Chasing the Drow through the woods.
  3. No combat may take place in Tel'Ruid buildings unless specifically pre-approved by Tel'Mithrim Council.

Rule that applies to Tel'Mithrim members specifically

  1. It is your choice whether to initiate combat with Drow. However, if you do initiate combat, try to ensure that there are not other Tel'Mithrim members nearby who do not wish to be involved in combat.

Rules that apply to both groups

  1. Non-guild members (blue healers) should not assist Drow when in battle against Tel'Mithrim members. They may assist Tel'Mithrim members. However, this should be practiced with moderation so that both Drow and Tel'Mithrim members have fun.
  2. Any and all pets and hirelings in the areas of battle are fair game. As accidents can happen, tamers must be prepared to lose such pets, even if they do not intend those pets to be active in the battle.
  3. If you die, you may return to the scene of battle wearing your deathrobe. Conversely, combat may not be initiated against anybody wearing a death robe.
  4. If a participant is slain during the battle, they may rejoin the battle only when the bones from their corpse have decayed (i.e.- completely disappeared). This takes approximately 15 minutes. Cutting up one's body to decrease this time restriction is highly discouraged. Those waiting for this timer should either remain in a death robe or leave the scene of the battle until the timer expires.
  5. When the event is over, resurrect people, no matter which group they belong to.
  6. If it is unlikely the owner will be able to return to their body, loot the corpse to return the items back to the owner. As a suggestion, if it is likely that a slain participant will be able to loot their own body, confusion can be minimized if the corpse is not looted at all.
  7. When referring to deaths, Tel'Mithrim members and named Drow should be described as "knocked unconscious" or something similar. Unnamed Drow (eg- a drow sargtlin) may be declared slain, since they're an infinite resource. (this is a standard RP rule)

Most important rules of all

  1. Remember that this is all for fun, so be nice.
  2. Have fun!
Presumably these are not mutually exclusive.

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