Adventures in Asheron's Call

Currently, I am adventuring on Dereth, the island realm of Asheron's Call. Some other Grey Company elves adventure there also. You can read about our current adventures here: The Grey Company in Dereth.

Beta Test of Asheron's Call

Ilustriel Morningstar and Lywnis Yavielasse invited me to answer Asheron's Call. Delightedly, I joined them in exploring the realm of Dereth. 'Tis a beautiful land with compelling intrigue. Here, we fought young banderlings in the wilds near Glenden Wood.

Ilustriel, Elenlanta, and Lywnis battling banderlings.

You can see more images from our adventures here: Asheron's Call Beta Adventures.

Magical Studies

There is much to learn about the ways of magic in Dereth. My beginner's spellbook contained three spells: Flame Bolt I, Force Bolt I, and Lightning. There are many, many more spells that I might learn. Hence, I have undertaken study of creating additional spells.

My spellbook listed the components required for the three known spells, and, when I cast them, I said the required Words of Power. Thus, I knew what is required to cast these spells, and I used this knowledge as the basis for tests to create additional spells.

The Components tab of my spellbook lists six categories of components: Scarabs, Herbs, Powdered Gems, Alchemical Substances, Talismans, and Tapers. Although first level spells do not use Tapers, more advanced spells do.

Additionally, the Help information about Magic explains there are four types of components required for each spell: a Power component (scarabs), an Action component (herbs), a set of Concept components (powdered gems, alchemical substances, and tapers), and a Target component (talismans).

To create new spells, I've used the following test procedure: 1) substitute one or more different components; 2) enter spellcasting mode and target a creature, such as a rabbit; 3) test the component combination to see what Words of Power and effects result. Thus far, I've identified Words of Power associated with various components. Furthermore, I've created several new spells for my spellbook. Hooray!

Results from my tests are listed in the tables below.

Components and Words of Power

Component Word of Power
Amaranth Kedrak
Bistort Yanoi
Comfrey Shurov
Damiana Feazh
Dragonsblood Quavosh
Frankincense Ozhur
Ginseng Cruath
Hawthorn Zojak
Henbane Uthoi
Hyebright Volae
Hyssop Malar
Mandrake Equin
Mugwort Boquar
Saffron Puish
Wormwood Helkas
Yarrow Roiga
Powdered Gems
Powdered Agate Ea
Powdered Amber Zha
Powdered Azurite Dy
Powdered Bloodstone Gua
Powdered Carnelian Ha
Powdered Hematite O
Powdered Lapis Lazuli Be
Powdered Moonstone Ca
Powdered Onyx Qua
Powdered Quartz Lu
Powdered Torquoise Ae
Alchemical Substances
Brimstone Feth
Cadmia Ja
Cinnabar Vik
Cobalt Sith
Quicksilver Ril
Calcothar Paj
Gypsum Loi
Realgar Zael
Stibnite Tak
Turpeth Guz
Verdigris Ti
Vitriol Reth

Here is a representative component formula for a magic spell.

Magic Spell Formulae

Spell Name Words of Power Power component Action component Concept components Target component
Scarab Herb Powdered Gem Alchemical Substance Talisman
Flame Bolt I Zojak Quaguz Lead Scarab Hawthorn Powdered Onyx Turpeth Birch Talisman

Any elf wishing for assistance in creating spells, feel free to contact me.

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