Asheron's Call Beta

Here are images from our adventures during the beta test of Asheron's Call.

In Glenden Wood, we sold off our loot and planned our next hunt.

Elenlanta, Lywnis, and Ilustriel at the Glenden Wood outpost.

We journeyed to Cragstone, where we observed this scenic sunrise. Observing the sunrise from the Cragstone bluffs.

Wading near the bottom of a giant waterfall. Descending the bluffs, we came upon this giant waterfall.

A magical portal took us to Zaikhal, where we fought many fierce beasts, including this pack of shreths. A blood shreth pursued me whilst Lywnis and Ilustriel engaged hunter shreths.

Battling a pack of shreths.

Sitting around a campfire, we planned a journey to a nearby city. Sitting around a campfire.

Rust Gromnies attacked, pitting fangs, claws, and freezing breath against elven blades.

Lywnis and Ilustriel meleeing rust gromnies.

In Al'Jalima, Ilustriel and I stormed a stronghold guarded by skeletons. Ilustriel and Elenlanta encountering skeletons.

Ilustriel and Lywnis exploring a forbidden crypt. Lywnis and Ilu braved a forbidden crypt, the lair of undead.

On the beach of Tou-Tou, Ilustriel and I battled a swarm of Red Phyntos Wasps. My Acid Stream spell and Ilu's sword clipped their wings.

Elen and Ilu battling wasps.

In the woodlands outside of Shoushi, Ilustriel and I double-teamed a Gnawer Shreth with my Frost Bolt spell and her bladecraft.

Ilustriel and Elenlanta double-teaming a shreth.

We trekked across the western mountains to Baishi.

Climbing a mountainside.

A Flame Bolt spell lit up the battlefield as we fought Drudge Prowlers. Notice Ilustriel's magical sword crackling with electricity. The enchanted blade was liberated from a Banderling Raider.

Battling drudge prowlers with melee and magic.

Glorfindle joined us in Dereth. Ever the archer, Glor showed his aim was quick and true when a Drudge snuck up on the party.

Glorfindle taking aim at a drudge.

The coruscating electricity of Ilustriel's magic sword gave a shock to the hunter shreths that attacked her and Lywnis.

Ilustriel and Lywnis fighting shreths.

Vanidar Silverleaf ventured to Dereth. Here, he and I fought a drudge prowler near Shoushi.

Vanidar and Elenlanta fighting a drudge prowler.

Riklaun Saambria, the Megil'Tura, answered Asheron's Call. His blade sung when we faced the threat of Outcast Monougas.

Riklaun and Elen battling outcast monougas.

Calamity befell Dereth. The sky darkened and roiled, comets fell from the sky, and entire cities burned. This crater marked where the Sho village Shoushi once stood.

Elenlanta observing the smoldering crater that was Shoushi.

Fair Glenden Wood was upheaved by a live volcano. Lywnis and I looked on as the end drew near.

Lywnis and Elen looking down into a live volcano.

An adventuress named Chantal gifted me with a mattekar hide coat. Lighter than chain mail, it provided the protection of breastplate, pauldrons, and girth. It felt warm and fuzzy, too.

Elen wearing a mattekar hide coat.

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