Adventures in Neverwinter Nights

Sometimes, I feel a bit nostalgic for the old days and nights of Neverwinter, when I adventured along the Sword Coast of Faerun.

Starrbolt's character sheet from Neverwinter Nights.

You can see more images of friends from Neverwinter here: Friends from Neverwinter Nights.

Return to Neverwinter

Someday, Neverwinter will return. Bioware Corp., maker of the wonderful Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast, is developing a new game set in the City of Skilled Hands. Scheduled for release in late 2000, the game will allow us to once again share nights in Neverwinter.

Additionally, the game will provide the Solstice toolset, which will allow users to create their own modules, similar to SSI's Unlimited Adventures game design kit or Interplay's Bard's Tale construction set. Thus, game designers will have a modern toolset for making modules.

"Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo ... May a star shine on the hour of our meeting!"

Starrbolt battling beholders.

"Just two Beholders? No problem!"

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