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Challenge of the Grey Company

The Grey Company coat of arms created by Dreamforge.
The Grey Company logo created by Tizer.

I created an Unlimited Adventures game design called "Challenge of the Grey Company". It's a computer roleplaying game featuring the Grey Company elves. Here's a description:

Evermeet island drawn by Starrbolt. An epic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure awaits you in the "Challenge of the Grey Company" Unlimited Adventures game design. Set in the Forgotten Realms, your party of characters will begin adventuring in the coastal city of Neverwinter where they learn of a mysterious threat to the City of Skilled Hands. As the mystery unfolds, the peril grows. Traveling far, your characters will become key figures in a grand chain of events. Your party must thwart a sinister scheme that threatens to forever alter the balance of power in the Realms.

The design uses information from several TSR reference books including:
- "Volo's Guide to the North"
- "The Complete Book of Elves"
- "Elves of Evermeet"
- "Drow of the Underdark"
- and "Monster Mythology".

It also features some famous figures from the Forgotten Realms and the elves of the Grey Company guild from America Online's "Neverwinter Nights" game.

Begin the adventure! Accept the challenge...the "Challenge of the Grey Company"!

Downloading and Playing My Game Design

You can download my design here as the file called grey.zip; however, to play the game, you must own a copy of Unlimited Adventures (UA), which is a commercial software package made by Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI). If you don't own SSI's UA software, then there's no use downloading my game design.

If you download and play my UA game design, please send comments.

About Unlimited Adventures

UA is a game development kit which allows you to create your own Forgotten Realms computer games, similar to "Curse of the Azure Bonds", "Gateway to the Savage Frontier", "Dark Queen of Krynn", etc. UA users can share their game designs with other gaming enthusiasts.

You can buy UA at a software store as part of a package of classic SSI games. I asked Babbage's Software store to order a copy for me, and they tracked it down through their chain of stores.

If you can't find UA at a software store, you can order it from Slash Corporation:

Slash Corporation
7379 Washington Avenue South
Edina, Minnesota 55439
telephone: (612)941-0053
fax: (612)941-1068

On America Online, there is a site devoted to Unlimited Adventures, which can be reached using keyword ua. The site features a library of UA game designs, graphics, and utilities.

Here's some other sites related to UA:

The FRUA Home Page by John Kochmar
Thomas Klausner's UA FTP Site in Austria
Dan Autery's "Unlimited Adventures" Page
Mycroft's Modules List by James Rand

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