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Britannia is a beautiful land, albeit often aggressive, contentious, and perilous, but not always. Here, Thranduil Graywolf and I admire a lovely waterfall southwest of Trinsic. My horse, Hwesta enjoyed this idyllic setting.

Thranduil Graywolf and Elenlanta Ranar at a scenic waterfall.

The large cities of Britannia sometimes become embroiled in political turmoil. We elves generally don't meddle in human affairs, but at times our interests dictate a presence, such as when Calandryll declared freedom for the city of Trinsic from the rule of Lord British. Thrand Graywolf, Ged of the Guardians of Yew, and I watched from the northeast corner of the town square.

Thrand, Elen, and Ged observe Calandryll's declaration of rebellion in Trinsic.

Britannia holds several dark, evil dungeons, filled with monsters and treasure. Here, I battled earth elementals in Shame Dungeon.

Using archery to combat earth elementals in Shame Dungeon.

Hythloth Dungeon, the hellish lair of fiery creatures, contains terrors such as daemons.

Hunting daemons in Hythloth Dungeon.

I ventured to Ice Dungeon in the lost lands -- a long-hidden continent that was found near Britannia -- and fought frost trolls, amongst other icy foes.

Battling ice trolls in Ice Dungeon.

Terathan Keep is home to the drider-like spider creatures of the lost lands. Here, I fought a Terathan warrior with the aid of a summoned fire elemental.

Elen's summoned fire elemental fighting a terathan warrior in Terathan Keep.

Deeper inside Terathan Dungeon, the elven mage Lightheart (also known as Strick in Neverwinter) showed me the secret passage to the mystic Star Chamber.

Lightheart and Elen inside the Star Chamber.

Another time, the elven high mage Laerithil joined me to battle Ophidians, the snake creatures of the lost lands.

Elen watching Laerithil cast a spell at an Ophidian in the War Zone.

Through tailoring, I earned enough gold coins to buy a large ship, which I named Ranashae ... Ocean Wanderer. Here, I sailed to the Serpent Pillar in the sea southwest of Ocllo, which is a gateway to the lost lands.

Elen aboard the Ranashae at the Serpent Pillars.

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