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Tel'Mithrim - The Grey Company
Harnor en'tel'Mithrim
The Charter of the Grey Company

26 July 2001

I. Description

A. Company Goals

The Grey Company represents Elven interests in Britannia on the shard of Lake Superior, particularly the security of Yew as a home for those of Elven blood. The company provides an Elven society, forming friendships among the Elves here, bestowing upon those worthy of such, honorary titles and titling the most esteemed non-Elves, Elf-Friend. The company encourages Elven role-playing, adventures, and battle, and provides a resource for Elven information.

B. History

Founded in the fall of 1992 in the lands around Neverwinter, the Grey Company was sanctioned in December of that year, then attained Private status one year later. In the Summer 1997, Neverwinter was destroyed, and the guild was homeless until Fall 1997, when the guild moved to Yew, Britannia in Ultima Online.

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C. Status of this Document

This document is the official Charter of the Grey Company.

The latest version of this document can be obtained at:

II. Membership Requirements

A. Race and Alignment

Must be non-evil and of Elven blood. Both Elves and Half-Elves may join.

The Grey Company considers themselves a separate government from Lord British's Britannia. Consequently, as notoriety is a function of Lord British's laws, members are not required to maintain a positive title. However, non-evil notoriety is encouraged.

B. Elven Behavior

Elves generally do not see Good and Evil in the absolute Black and White shades of Mortality, but rather their chaotic but moral mentality is indicative of a love of freedom, personal freedom, limited by a sense of personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

C. The Elven Way

Elves respect all life and each creature's basic right to coexist and should never take a life except to survive or in defense of one's own.

All Elves follow the way:

No Elf shall do intentional harm to another Elf, and except in a case where an Elf acts with malicious intent, he shall be helped by other Elves.

This pact protects all of Elven blood. Any Elf found to be in violation of the Way through action or inaction shall be cast out (N’Tel Quess).

D. Extra-Guild Membership

A character's membership in the Grey Company shall be exclusive of membership in any other player-operated guild.

III. Membership Application

The Grey Company requires its members to meet the highest standards. The initiation process is long and comprehensive to filter out those that do not exhibit the desired qualities.

A. Invitation

An Elf that exhibits qualities considered beneficial to the guild is invited to become an initiate by a current guild member, a sponsor. To encourage the sponsor to spend more time with their initiate, this member may only sponsor one initiate at a time.

It is the sponsor’s responsibility to guide the initiate through the membership process and to train and evaluate that initiate. The sponsor becomes the primary point of contact between the initiate and the rest of the guild. The sponsor will have the following, mandatory duties.