An Early Charter

I. Game Description

A small detachment of Elves and Half-Elves from the Greycloak Hills and Evereska who attend to Elven interests in Neverwinter--ensuring a safe haven and passage for Elven ships in particular. Because of the dangerous aspect of the areas about Neverwinter,

most members of the company wear magical cloaks made from the fur of Displacer Beasts. (Unless of course they can manage to win a Cloak of Elvenkind in a Quest . . . .)

Members of the Grey Company can be found wandering about Neverwinter and the areas near to and distant from it, alone or in small groups.

II. Mundane World Stuff

Yes, yet another Guild, this one for Elves and Half-Elves. The Company will be trying to do everything possible to encourage role-playing in Neverwinter. Your suggestions are solicited.

III. Membership Requirements

A. Race/Class/Alignment

Elf or Half-Elf, of any class, of Neutral or Good Alignment (LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN, I don't think LG or LN are terribly likely for elves . . . .).

B. Elven Behaviour in the game and on the message boards

Elves are a long-lived race, little concerned (for the most part) with the ephemeral mortals which fill the Realms (for the most part) at this time. Recently (in Elven Terms) the Elves of the Forgotten Realms have chosen to leave this continent, in the face of an unceasing influx of mortal races (Humans in particular of late). The sole exceptions are the Elves of Evereska, a mountain retreat guarded by the good will of Corellon Larethian (the greater God of the Elves in AD&D), who show no sign of leaving and have even (recently) expanded into the Greycloak Hills, and the Elves of Silverymoon, who share that city with men, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings, under the rule of Alustriel, High Lady of that fair city.

Elves do not see Good and Evil in the absolute Black and White shades of Mortality, but rather their (racial) alighment of Chaotic Good is indicative of a love of freedom, personal freedom, limited by a sense of personal responsibility for one's own actions.

C. The Elven Way

All elves follow the way, which can be summarised as follows:

  1. No elf shall do intentional harm to another elf, and
  2. Except in a case where an elf acts with malicious intent, he shall be given assistance if necessary by any nearby elves.

The pact, which has become known as the Elven Way, protects all of elven blood. In the way of enforcement, any Elf found to be in violation of the Way through action (or inaction) shall be pronounced to be not of the people (N'Tel Quess), an outcast and shall be declared so at the next meeting of the Company, the accused being offered the chance to attend and defend themselves or their choice. If the accuser and accused are of equal power, the matter may be decided (if both parties agree) by combat.

D. Conduct of Members

All members of The Grey Company are expected (required) to abide by the Terms of Service (TOS) set forth by America Online, as well as any further strictures made by their representatives in the game (NW's et. al.) It is the responsibility of the membership to be aware of these.

Some of the more significant include:

E. Application

In application to The Grey Company, one should post a brief history and description of one's character in the Folder used by the Grey Company. At a minimum, please include the following:

In a private E-mailing to the Captain, Scribe and the Chronicler, please state your character's statistics, Hit Points, Armor Class, current Level(s), and magic items possessed (and/or needed). Also, please include a statement that you will abide by TOS, the Company Charter and The Elven Way.

To enhance and expand this, and make it live (after the fashion of role-playing, let's not go overboard here.) each member should (must?) contribute to The Chronicle of the Grey Company.

F. The Chronicle of the Grey Company

After each adventure/playing session, a member of The Company should post to our message board a gisting of same, including mention of all companions (if any) and significant opponents encountered, especially PC's.

G. Membership Profile

And, a Membership Profile describing your Character in Neverwinter should be created (if possible). (Use FR as the entry for State, Neverwinter, Silverymoon, Greycloak Hills, Evereska, etc. for city.) Please be certain to include a birthday for your character (See Article III. Section H. below). For details on how to do this check out the New Members area and What's New & Online Support.

H. Birthdays

When filling out a Membership Profile, please be certain to select a birthday. Unfortunately, aging has no affect in Neverwinter, but it is very satisfying to celebrate one's birthdays. Time progresses at a ratio of four to one in the Realms, so there are four per year. A character can be aged at will via a Haste spell. However, when casting them on occassions other than a Birthday, remember to track the added year as unnatural aging.

I. PvP

To enhance role-playing, members of The Grey Company will initiate only consensual PVP Combat. However, it is not necessary that a member of the Company engage in PVP. The only prohibition here is against attacking a person who does not wish to be attacked. However, (obviously), attacking a player is a de facto giving of permission to attack in kind. Please also see III. D. Conduct of Members for a listing of the non-PvP areas.

IV. Membership Status

A. Active

A member shall be considered active if he/she participates in the game, attends Guild meetings, makes entries in the Chronicle, and answers their mail at least once per calendar month.

B. Missing In Action (MIA)

Any member in good standing who does not answer their E-Mail or attend Guild meetings for two (2) consecutive calendar months will be placed on MIA status. This status will be removed if the member simply E-Mails the Captain of their return.

C. Retired

Any member who ceases to maintain the minimum requirements for membership in the Company, or is MIA for over six (6) months, shall be held as retired from the Company and life in the Realms and to have travelled across the sea to the Kingdom of Evermeet.

D. Outcast (N'Tel Quess)

Any member whose character (through action in the game or through re-roll) becomes (or is held to be) Evil, or who violates the accord of the Elven Way, is held to be Cast Out and an enemy of the Company and all good elves everywhere.

V. Voting

Each member of the Company (Screenname) receives one (1) vote. Proxy votes are certified by a Proxy note from the screenname in question designating the Screenname under which the vote will be cast. The Captain does not vote, save in the absence of the First Lieutenant, who votes only in the event that a tie-breaker is necessary. If a majority vote is not reached during a meeting, the vote will be conducted via E-mailings to the Captain, with a deadline one calendar month from the initial mailing calling for the vote.

VI. Positions and Responsibilities

A. Company Command (Ranks)

Seriously, the Second Lieutenant would command in the absence of both the Captain and First Lieutenant. The First and Second Lieutenants would be able to overrule any decision of the Captain's with the support of the majority of the Guild membership.

B. Company Staff (Offices, Cabinet)

It is quite likely (certain) that two (or more) positions would be filled by one person. Ranks would be assigned on the basis of a majority vote of the membership, the Offices would be on a volunteer basis, with any being revoked by a majority vote of the membership if needful.

VII. Guild Functions/Tasks

The Grey Company will do the following on a regular and continuing basis.

  1. Run quests for members (and possibly non-members) at least monthly.
  2. Publish the Chronicle of the Grey Company, a Guild Newsletter.
  3. Make a posting of the current membership roster monthly (minimum) or as necessary.
  4. Hold monthly Guild meetings in a Publicly-Accessible area.
  5. Do everything else possible to make Neverwinter a better place to live (and roleplay).
  6. Act as the representatives of Elven Society in Neverwinter, annointing those deemed worthy the status of Elf-Friend, appointing an Elven Ambassador to the Neverwinter High Council, casting out those Elves who fail to abide by the Elven Way.

VIII. Elf-Friend Status for Non-Elves

As the sole official presence of Elven Society in Neverwinter, The Grey Company reserves for itself the right to bestow the status of Elf-Friend upon those found worthy of the honor.

This status may be bestowed by the Captain, both Lieutenants together, or a majority vote of the Company. Any member of the Company may propose said status.

Suggested qualifications include:



IX. Ammendments to the Charter

Proposed ammendments are made via E-Mail to the Captain, with a cc: to the First Lieutenant and Scribe at least a week in advance of the meeting at which a motion for approval of same will be made. After a second, a vote will be taken, a majority indicating the ammendment's approval. Ammendments take effect immediately.

X. Elflord Status

An Elflord is not a ruler over other elves, in the conventional (human) sense of the word, rather, it is an honorary status, similar to knighthood. An Elflord is to be a consummate role-player, accomplished warrior, mage, priest or rogue (or all of the above ; ), and member in good standing of the Company.

The following Charter Members of the Grey Company are accorded Elflord Status in perpetuity:

New members of the Company may achieve Elflord Status, after maxxing their character (in all of that character's classes if multi-classed), by acquiring three Lord Nasher Items (Brass Button, Crystal Cube, Dagger of Striking, Jewelled Pendant, etc.) and presenting them to the Captain at any meeting of the Company.

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