The Current Charter

I. Guild Motto

With the Ancient is Wisdom, and in length of days Understanding.

II. Entry Requirements

Must be non-evil and of Elven blood. Both Elves and Half-Elves may join.

III. Guild Goals

The Grey Company represents Elven interests here, particularly the security of Yew as a port of call for Elven vessels. The company provides an Elven society, forming friendships among the Elves here, bestowing upon those worthy the titles of Elflord (Aredhel or Etriel), and titling the most esteemed outsiders Elf-Friend. The company encourages Elven role-playing, adventures, and battle, and provides a resource for Elven information.

IV. History

Founded in the fall of 1992 in the lands around Neverwinter, the Grey Company was sanctioned in December of that year, then attained Private Status one year later. The Company strives to incite exciting adventures and role-playing.

V. The Elven Way

All elves follow the way: "No Elf shall do intentional harm to another Elf, and except in a case where an Elf acts with malicious intent, he shall be helped by other Elves." This pact protects all of Elven blood. Any Elf found to be in violation of the Way through action or inaction shall be cast out (N'Tel Quess).

VI. PvP (PKilling)

Most Grey Company elves do not engage in PVP, preferring to adventure to the unknown reaches of the world peacefully. Of course, there are notable exceptions. In all things, the Company encourages each Elf to decide for themselves where they will stand, then stand there proudly.

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