Eric Dreamsmyth of Evereska

Born in Evereska, to Senan Hawkmoon and Dirella Dreamweaver, there was little to note Dreamsmyth as exceptional, save for his lightning quick reflexes and dexterity. Trained as a warrior as a matter of course, he found little interest in it, preferring instead the arts and writing, after his mother, and indeed taking her name.

He shared these interests with Vonda Moonsinger, a young elf-maid to whom he was betrothed. The betrothal ended in tragedy when his love Vonda was seduced by a Vampire, slain and ensorceled as a Banshee. The young Dreamweaver searched for and found his love too late, though he was able to avenge her fate. Unable to reclaim his love, he changed his name and took up service with the elves of the Greycloak Hills.

Now named Dreamsmyth, the young elf dedicated his entire self to destroying the myriad undead of those haunted hills. Finding himself bereft and purposeless when they were at last cleansed, he found the strictures of continued guardianship ill-fitting and journeyed to Neverwinter, there to take up with the newly formed Grey Company.

Here I inscribe his sigil that you may know it.

Eric Dreamsmyth is currently a Champion, Sorcerer and Master Thief of the Tenth Level, a member of the Guild of Heroes and the Neverwinter Thieves Guild.

Approximate 5' 10" in height, he is powerfully built for an elf, 140 lbs. He has black hair and green eyes, with a pale white complection. He habitually dresses in shades of grey, to include black and white, with the only color being the cyan of his House.

He normally wields magical two-handed sword named MistWeaver, although he is skilled in the long sword and the bow.

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