Chapter 5

Darkness prevailed inside the dank cavern. All that could be seen was a pair of glowing eyes. The eyes dimmed and then disappeared. A low muttering could be heard. Suddenly a light flared up out of nowhere, illuminating the cavern.

An elf crouched behind a rock, the light above him. He stood, and started to walk towards the corridor leading out of the cave. He wore sturdy plate mail that shone in the dim light. The sword he carried, also shone, but of its own accord.

"Riklaun, is it safe?" a voice whispered. From the shadows came another elf, though he looked as if he had gone to war with the local dark elf city and lost.

"We are safe for the moment," Riklaun said. "No guards appear present. Ebonstarr seems lax in her duties. Had she wiped my mind of all my spells, not just the combat ones, we would still be captive."

"We must hurry Rik, I cannot wait to see Nalynn." The dirty elf said. "And get a bath and fresh change of clothes."

"Do not worry my friend, I will get you out of here." Riklaun said. "We both have missed you for a long time. Once we get you to the surface, we will bring you back to full health. You have missed much in your long stay down here."

"I know, from what you tell me, Nalynn is not the same little halfling I used to know. You said she became an elf through re-incarnation. I have not seen my love for over nine months." He said.

Suddenly, from down the corridor came a loud bang and a bright light streaked towards them. Blinded, they could not move out of the way of the lightning bolt. It caught Riklaun full in the chest and threw him into the other elf, knocking him away from the path of the bolt. A hardy laugh came from down the corridor. A dark elf laugh.

"So, you thought you could escape? Ebonstarr will be pleased that I have stopped you from doing so."

Riklaun got up and rushed towards the dark elf who threw the bolt. He closed the gap quickly, before the drow could throw another spell. The two fought fiercely with their twin swords. The drow backed up just enough to cast a darkness spell around them. He laughed.

"You forget, I am also drow, albeit albino." Riklaun said. He pressed in, oblivious of the magical darkness. Riklaun got the first hit and scored on the drow's left arm. The drow backed up and out of the darkness. Riklaun leaped over the drow and spun, driving both blades into the drow's back.

Riklaun looked over at the elf that was with him and saw that another drow had come upon the scene. As he went to help his friend he heard: "This is for Nalynn!" and then a fireball exploded, engulfing the two elves. Riklaun put up an arm to shield his eyes from the blast. The fireball died out leaving bits of burning moss and plant-life on the walls. Riklaun looked for the two elves and did not see either.

He ran up to the spot and saw only the charred soot of where they once stood. Riklaun dropped his swords with a clang. His eyes began to water up and he knelt down. "Braldt...."


Riklaun was wandering through Vilnask with his long time friend Tadsbro, trying to put the death of Braldt behind him. They worked their way quickly south to Crossergate, stopping only for a quick banshee or two. They paused at the inn in Vilinask and saw many drow in the back room. They saw him and instantly recognized him for who he was. After a few choice words and spittle on the floor. Riklaun headed out.

The two went down to Crossergate inn with little obstacle. A drow came up behind them and told Riklaun, " When you are ready, Riivin, the hills await." Riklaun turned to him.

"You are not worth my time and effort, but if you wish to die so foolishly..." Rik said. He then turned to Tadsbro and told him to wait in the inn, for he would be but a moment. And that he was. As the battle started they held all the monsters. Tathlin immediately fell to Riklaun's fumble spell. While he was helpless, Riklaun threw two more spells at him, both connecting. The Drow stood held in a cloud of green puke. His limbs still attempted to fumble about.

"As I said, Drow. You are no match for me. Go tell your Matron that you failed," Rik said as he put another stink cloud on him. He decided it would not be totally fair to Feeblemind him, as he was already humiliated. The monsters started moving again and quickly devoured him.


Riklaun and Nalynn stood in the Triboar inn. They had just returned from an outing to Red Larch. Riklaun had a bag tied to his waist. The bag looked very full. He opened it to check the contents. Peering inside, he saw that the couple hundred arrows he had purchased were still there.

"Nal, we made out good in Red larch. We bought enough arrows to keep young Randow happy. Too bad Brisid is not here, we could use the company for the trek back through the lost hills," Riklaun said.

"Yes, I wonder where he is," Nalynn said. She picked up her back pack and slung it over one shoulder. Just then a crash came from the outer room. The two friends walked out to see what was up. A body was slumped over a table and a couple of Pathfinders were staring at it. Riklaun saw the body and noticed the knife sticking out of the back. He moved closer and saw it was still alive. He turned the head to one side and gasped. Nalynn dropped her pack to the floor.

"Ebonstarr;" Brisid said.

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