Chapter 1 0

Upon arriving at the Rankled Boar Inn, Riklaun, Tadsbro, and Tizer took seats at a table in the corner to have some fey before they took their reveries. While they sipped their wine, Tizer noticed that the note he had posted on the bulletin board was missing.

"I must go speak with the tavern master, mellonea. I will be back shortly," Tizer said quickly.

Tizer approached the bar and questioned the man standing behind it. Piotyr was a tall, bearded man with a ruddy face and twinkling eyes.

"How may I help ye, Tizer?" he asked.

"I notice that my note is no longer posted" Tizer stated.

"Yes, that is true, m'lord, a beautiful Elf lass took it and seemed to fly to away on the breeze, so graceful was she. She has now returned and is sitting at the far end of the bar, if you wish to speak with her."

"Many thanks, Piotyr"

Before approaching the mysterious female Elf at the bar, Tizer returned to his companions.

"It is quite possible that the etriel sitting at the far end of the bar holds the cure to the poison plaguing Brisid!" Tizer informed them excitedly.

"Well, we had best speak with her at once" Riklaun said, feeling a twinge of hope that his companion may finally be freed from Lloth's grasp.

When the trio was about to leave their table, a large shadow passed over the ground outside the inn.

"What in the name of Corellon Larethian is that?!" Tadsbro exclaimed.


Sheil glanced about the tavern and then strode out the door. She looked up into the early morning sky and cursed.

"Why is that Roc still following me around everywhere I go?" she mutterd under her breath. She looked into her kitten's eyes and it nodded with readiness. The wind elven female and her small blue kitten leapt into the air to end this threat once and for all.

Sheil glanced down at the entrance to the Inn and spotted three elves watching her.

"I wonder if they will help. This Roc is a bit much for a wind elf and her sky-blue kitten to handle."

She pulled the chictah from her belt as the Roc spotted her and began gliding in her direction. Sheilandri uttered a few words and waved her hand. A shield of wind formed around herself and the kitten to add protection against the Roc's attack. Suddenly she noticed a barrel of spears outside of one of the shops.

"Ahhhh, exactly what I need."

She uttered a few more arcane syllables and pointed at the barrel. Ten of the spears rose out of the barrel and, as the wind elf turned and pointed at the approaching Roc, the spears darted through the air to intercept it.


Before Tizer, Riklaun, and Tadsbro could reach the Elf maiden, she raced out the door. They followed her to the outside of the inn where they were stopped in their tracks by the noisome screeching of a Roc. The female Elf had directed ten spears toward the creature and they flew towards it with increasing speed. Three spears pierced the Roc's side and it howled in pain. However, that did not stop its descent.

Tizer sent Riklaun and Tadsbro simultaneous telepathic messages confirming a plan. The trio gathered their energy and muttered a few words under their breath. The air was alive with magical force and their fingers crackled with electricity. Lightning bolts shot forth from their finger tips towards the Roc. The three bolts merged together in flight and struck the foul beast squarely in the chest. The sheer might of the three combined magical spells disintegrated the body of the Roc before it reached the ground. The Elf maiden's shield of wind deflected the debris falling from the sky.

After the wind elf landed, Riklaun, Tizer, and Tadsbro approached the barely shaken female Elf.

"Vedui' etriel en amin, have you come through this attack unscathed?" Tizer inquired.

Sheil turned to look at them. She stared deeply into each of their eyes, as if searching their souls for their true feelings. She smiled and began.

"Gurth gothrim Tel'Mithrim. Roc, Mereth en draugrim. You cast well. I am Sheilandri, from the fallen city of Maer Eska, SkyHuntress of WindSong." Sheil bowed her head for a moment in memory of her fallen king. "I read a note posted upon the board over there and have traveled very far to obtain the antidote for the poison which afflicts Brisid. The note was signed with the name Tizer and I assume that one of you are he." Sheil glanced directly at Tizer and smiles. "Ye are Tizer, correct?"

Tizer nodded affirmatively and Sheil indicated the entrance to the Inn.

"Shall we return to the tavern and continue this conversation at a table while I mix the antidote?"

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