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After searching through the treetops for an hour to no avail, Dae and Klack returned to Floodblest to see the elves entering the inn.

As the pair were about to land outside of the entrance, Dae spotted a bright blue kitten fly into one of the windows. At the same moment, the sound of thundering hooves reached the wild elf's ears.

The pair rose back into the air and glided across the forest to discover the nature of the approaching riders. As Dae and Klack descended towards the approaching horsemen, the wild elf gasped. The giant eagle wheeled in the air and climbed back to a higher altitude.

"How did death riders get to be here? There must be an evil cleric nearby. Come Klack, we must warn the elves, those skeletal riders will be upon them at any moment."


Riklaun looked out over the trail watching the riders move closer towards the Rankled Boar inn. They were coming down the trail from Nightsedge. He then saw an elf riding an eagle coming from the direction of the riders. The eagle lands softly on the trail in front of Riklaun.

"Skeletal riders approach!" The elf said.

Riklaun whirls around and heads to the inn. "Tizer, Tadsbro, The riders are undead. Tad, go warn Floodblest's inhabitants. Tizer, we need to stop them from entering the town." He looked over the Sheil. "Can you keep the patrons safe in here Sheilandri?" Sheilandri nodded.

Rik and Tizer headed out of the inn. They walked up to Dae. "How long till they arrive?" Rik asked.

"About fifteen minutes." Dae said.

"Then we must go out and stop them before they get to the city gates." Riklaun said. As the three prepared, two elves came down the road from Neverwinter. Modar and Starrbolt walked casually towards Riklaun.

"What's going on Rik?" Modar said. Riklaun explained the problem to them.

The five elves headed out of Floodblest to take up positions on the road. The Skeletal riders moved swiftly down the road towards Floodblest.

Nearing the ambush set by Riklaun they suddenly veered off the trail, galloping through the woods in several directions still towards the town. One did not leave the trail but stopped on it and waited.

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