Chapter 1 3

Elvin neared the Grey Company hall, admiring all the freshly planted flowers, as he strode up the walk. "I shall have to make a mental note of this. I must compliment Tizer on his garden!" Elvin pulled open the door, looking for the Grey Company leader.

"Elvin?" A familiar voice speaks out behind him. "Sheilandri!! Vedui'...I...I search for Tizer. Have you seen him?" She quickly told him of the impending arrival of the Skeletal Riders, and the elven plan to stop them before they reach the city gates. "Sheil...I must go help them!!"

Without glancing back, he dashed out the door. Turning a corner near an alley, he did not notice the figure standing in the shadows. A quick blow to the back of the head sent him sprawling, head-over-heels into the dust. Peering up with cloudy eyes, an evil toothy grin stared down at him, quickly fading away as the elf drifted off into unconsciousness.

Sheil watched as Elvin dashed down the street to aid the other elves. Suddenly a dark shape striked him from behind and stood over Elvin's limp body. The female wind elf was torn between guarding the guild hall and rushing to the elf's aid. She summoned a gust of wind and called her kitten to her at the same moment. The female elf focused the wind into a solid blast and propelled it towards the dark figure.

"Maer, go see what the creature is and help our elven friend if you can."

The sky-blue kitten darted off towards the dark figure and arrived shortly after the blast of wind slammed into it. Sheil noticed the dark form crumpled to the ground atop Elvin's prone form. Maer darted about the area and then dived to retrieve something from the jumble near the alley. As her Tressym kitten returned, Sheil noticed that it is carrying the leg bone of a skeletal warrior in it's mouth.

"Is it dead then?" Sheil asked her brave little kitten.

Maer purred in acknowledgment and dropped the bone. Sheil glanced around the area and decided that if she hurried she would be able to retrieve the unconscious elf and return to the guild hall without danger. She flew down the street and pulled the elf out of the pile of bones. As she flew back towards the guild hall carrying Elvin, two skeletal warriors leapt from the shadows and blocked her from entering the building.

Sheil pulled her chictah from it's loop on her belt and hurled it at the bonemen. One of them shattered from the force of the circular blade's impact. The other dodged as the spinning blade returned to the wind elf's hand. A flurry of blue fur struck the bone warrior from behind and gave Sheil the distraction she needed to dart past.


Inside the guild hall, she gently placed the elf on a nearby table and rushed back to the doorway. As she looked into the street, the wind elf was just in time to see Maer, her brave blue kitten, pick up the warrior and lift it high into the morning sky. A moment later the undead warrior dropped to the ground and shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Maer darted back to the protection of the building and licked the wind elf's face happily.

As she turned to see to Elvin, Sheil spotted several dark forms moving down the street toward the guild hall.

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