Chapter 1 6

As Dae flew back toward the guild hall he scanned the scene below him. The town was in chaos, skeleton's and riders both together and separate were everywhere. A smile crossed the wild elf's face as he noticed that the townspeople had taken heart in viewing the valiant efforts of the elves. An old woman beated a skeleton over the head with an iron pot and it collapsed into a pile. Elsewhere two men strung a rope across the path, tightened it to knock another rider from it's nightmare's back. In the center of town three men held long sticks with sharpened points and brought down two charging nightmares.

Suddenly a sight filled the wild elf with anger. A small female child, no more than six years of age ran down the street followed closely by a skeletal rider and his mount. The skeleton swung its mace as it bore down on the frightened girl.

Dae yelled a wild elven curse at the rider and slid up the left sleeve of his green tunic. Many magical silver tattoos on his arm gleamed in the sunlight. Dae tapped the tattoo of a streaking bolt with his right fore finger and pointed at the rider. The tattoo flashed with silver light and a brilliant streak of white energy raced toward the rider and it's mount. Just as the skeleton was about to strike the young girl with it's deadly mace, Dae's white bolt slammed into it's skull. The rider disintegrated under the white bolt which continued downward to destroy the charging nightmare as well. As Dae landed Klack outside the guild hall, young woman rushed from a nearby house and carried the small girl to safety.

Dae carried the wounded Tadsbro into the hall and placed him on a table near Elvin. Having no healing powers to speak of, Dae tore strips of cloth, bandaged Tadsbro's wounds as best as he could and rushed back to the entrance of the hall. As he reached the doorway a gust of wind blew past him into the hall.

Dae leapt onto Klack's back and after spotting a fallen log nearby, an idea sprang into his mind. Dae whispered into his eagle's ear as they rose into the air. Klack picked up the fallen tree in its huge claws and slowly ascended into the sky. Dae guided his eagle back towards the location of the outnumbered elves when something else caught his eye. A group of ten riders are raced down the road toward the hall in a "V" formation. Dae and Klack glided in low and raced towards the group of skeletal riders. At the last moment, Dae tapped his giant eagle's neck and the huge log was released as they skimmed just out of reach over the riders. The huge log crashed into the group, killing all the nightmares and eight of the skeletons. As Dae turned about on Klack's back ready to fire more spells at the rising skeletons, he spotted a group of five women armed with pots and rolling pins beating the remaining skeletons into bone dust.

With a smile at the valiant townswomen, Dae and Klack glided off to rejoin the elves outside the town.


Sheil heard of Tadsbro's wounds and that he was carried back to the hall. "I shall return to the hall and see to his wounds and try to revive Elvin as well. Bring all of the wounded to the hall and I will tend to them as best as I can." The wind elf vanished in a gust of wind.

As she arrived in the hall, Sheil spotted Dae rush out and leap onto his giant eagle. The wind elf rushed over to the table where Tadsbro lay and began casting spells and mixing herbs. After a short time she had patched up Tadsbro's wounds and he was in good shape except for a few light scratches which would heal in no time. Next she tended to Elvin and healed the lump on his head. A simple spell awakened the elf. Sheil helped him to his feet, a little dazed but otherwise in good shape.

Sheil glanced back towards the doorway and smiled as she spotted her blue kitten hovering there watching for approaching enemies. Maer mewed quietly indicating that all was clear for the moment. Sheil took a seat to rest for a moment and waited for more wounded to arrive.

"Hopefully there will not be too many of them. I am a Huntress not a healer." Sheil thought to herself.

The tiny voice of her kitten spoke into her head. "You do very well as healer also. And that is what is needed of you most at this time. That and keeping the guild hall clear of enemies so the wounded will have a safe place to rest. All is still clear in the streets for now. Do you think the assault is over?"

Sheil shrugged and breathed a deep sigh as she walked over to the doorway and watched the area closely for signs of movement.


Starrbolt walked out of the woods and onto the road. He moved with purpose towards the four elves gathered there. He favored his right leg, for his left had a decent sized gash in it. "Tizer, the Riders have been routed and are fleeing into the woods. Modar has gone invisible to follow them."

"Good, the attack had been stopped. Riklaun, get a couple of your Bladesingers and go after Modar. He will need help. And Starrbolt, go to the guild hall and get that leg looked at." Tizer said.

"'Tis only a scratch" Starr said. "I can manage."

Before they could disperse to go after Modar, an elven form materialized in the road before them. The form took the shape of Ebonstarr.

"Well done, mighty Tel'Mithrim. You have averted the attack on your guild. I must talk with who ordered this attack."

Riklaun brought his sword up and swung at Ebonstarr. The blade passed harmlessly through her neck. "Oh, Riklaun, you're alive. You know, you cost me a really good slave. It will be hard to replace him. Perhaps your Modar will do. I will be seeing you again Rik. " With that she faded from view.

The elves looked at each other in confusion.

"I knew the undead were not Ebonstarr's style. I wonder who is responsible?" Riklaun said. "Come, we better get going." Riklaun and Starrbolt, along with Brisid and Nalynn went off to help Modar, hopefully before Ebonstarr could get to him...

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