Chapter 1 8

As Modar cast his Invisibility spell the confusion around him was slowing down. He knew that some of the undead were likely to survive the encounter and he was determined to follow them to their camp in hopes of finding out who was behind this dastardly attack. Just before he disappeared he flashed hand signs at Tizer letting him know that he was going to follow the survivors and would leave a trail for him to follow when ready.

At first, the Skeletal Riders were very easy to follow as they fled the scene of the crime. After a few hours they began suspecting pursuit and Modar had to slow down to avoid detection. Using all of his elven blood and experience in tracking and hiding in the woods would be essential to continuing undetected.

As the day wore on into night, Modar started to realize that they were not taking the direct route to wherever they were going. It may take several days for them to feel satisfied that they had lost their pursuer and felt safe to go wherever they were going. Modar settled into the "tracking" frame of mind and was determined to continue undetected..........

Modar quietly watched the skeletal riders as they milled about in a clearing looking for something. He crouched behind a large rock watching intently. The Riders seemed nervous of something. Suddenly, several Driders leapt into the clearing and attacked the Riders.

Modar saw this and ducked down, an involuntary reflex, because he was invisible. He leaned back up to see the battle rage. "Where is Riklaun and the rest of the Bladesingers?" he thought.


In a secluded spot within the reaches of Neverwinter, Ebonstarr was furious. "Fool!" She said. Ebonstarr hit Gaden Zra with the back of her hand and he dropped to one knee. "You alerted the Grey Company to 'his' presence! You had him attack the Grey Company's guild hall!

"Luckily, they averted disaster and saved the guild." Gaden Zra stood back up, only to be hit again.

"Mercy, Mistress. I only meant to rid you of them. I thought you would be pleased." Gaden said.

"I am not pleased at all. I wanted the Grey Company to suffer, to feel pain. But now they are alerted and following the Riders." Ebonstarr said. "But they will not find 'him' yet. I have seen to that. As for you, I no longer wish you to live. Guards! Take him away."

Two Drow males stepped up and took Gaden Zra by the arms "Nooo! I beg of you!" He said. He tried to break free of their grasp, but they held firm. One back handed Gaden and he fell unconscious. The took his limp form out of the room. Ebonstarr brooded over the fact that she would now have to alter her plans for vengeance.


Back in the clearing, the Riders were no match for the Driders. The latter outnumbered their opponents five to one. One of the Driders motioned towards the woods and out came two Remorazes. They came into the clearing and began chewing up the remains of the Riders. "I must find Riklaun." Modar thought.

He turned to leave and there before him was a Drider! An inhuman scream came from the beast as it reared up for the kill.


Maer followed silently after the invisible tracker, using his Tressym color change to blend in with the surroundings.

As the Drider rose to strike down the startled Modar, a dart of sky-blue fur flashed past the Drider's face. The beast screamed in pain and rage as it's eyes were torn from their sockets by the kittens long claws.

Modar easily dispatched the blinded drow and glanced around the clearing. The feeling of claws resting upon Modar's right shoulder caused him to jump slightly. A friendly purr in his ear eased his fears slightly as he glanced into the bright eyes of the elven kitten.

Maer licked the tracker's face happily and then fluttered off into the forest.

Glancing behind occasionally, Modar could swear that he spotted a flash of blue every once in a while.


After Modar had cleaned out his shorts, he was still visibly shaken. The close encounter with the beast had shattered his normally iron courage. He decided that he must wander the woods until he felt that his courage had returned to face another terrible challenge.

Modar looked through the trees searching for Ebonstarr. He was surprised when she appeared a few feet behind him.

"Vedui' Modar. Aww, did I scare you?" the drow priestess said.

Modar returned a threat, but was surprised when he couldn't hear his words.

"Like my special little silencer? Don't worry about all of your defensive spells. Today I will let you live."

The elf yelled, or tried to yell, another threat, but felt slightly foolish with Ebonstarr's spell stealing the effect. As he raised his sword to attack, Ebonstarr trapped him in a magical spider web.

"We can't have you swinging that toy of yours now can we? When your sorry friends arrive, tell them I'll be waiting for all of you with 'Rand'. Oh, and didn't your mommy ever potty train you? Aluve', Modar. Until we meet again."

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