Chapter 1 9

Feeling relieved that Rand was still in this location, Tizer entered the building followed by Sheilandri and Dae Draug. The room was dark and a foreboding silence surrounded the three Elves. Tizer's infravision adjusted and he saw five forms glowing red in the inky blackness. He turned to shout a warning to his companions just as he felt a heavy blow to his head and the world faded from view.

He awoke to see three stern-faced Drow leering at him through the dim light. Beside him sat Sheilandri and Dae Draug, still unconscious, both bound to chairs, as was he. The three had been moved to this room where the air smelled of mildew and decay. Before Tizer could survey his surroundings, one of the Drow spoke up speaking the common tongue.

"To you three fools I offer greetings from Ebonstarr, our mistress." A Drow with an eye patch stated.

Feeling a bit groggy, Tizer replied, "Greetings yourself, dark one. Where is Rand?"

"I'm afraid you arrived a bit too late. You see, your friend decided to... leave town... indefinitely." The patched Drow chuckled.

Before he could learn more, Tizer felt a stinging sensation in his arm and once again the world went black.


Sheil awakened to find herself unable to move. Glancing around she noticed that Tizer and Dae were also restrained in the same manner. She tried to use her magic but the restraints kept her from moving properly. Closing her eyes, Sheil sent her thoughts to her small blue kitten. "I need your help friend. Please come as quick as you can."

A short while later Dae and Tizer both woke up, and the three of them stared at their drow captors. Sheil noticed that two of the drow were sleeping and the third one seemed to be nodding off every few seconds as he struggled to keep watch.

Awhile later Sheil smiled as all three drow were sleeping. Something furry brushed against her right arm causing her to jump slightly. "Tis me, bonded, I shall have ye free in but a moment." Maer spoke into her mind as he swiftly untied her bonds.

Once Sheil was free, she untied Dae and Tizer and the three of them stood in silence glaring at their drow captors. Maer fluttered silently about over their heads waiting to see what would happen next.

Dae smiled as he was freed from his bonds. Glaring at those who dared bind him, he let out a wolfish growl. The growl woke the sleeping drow, however two of them only saw the wild elf's twirling blades before death took them. The remaining drow warrior, wearing an eye patch, leaped to his feet. Dae could easily have taken the drow's head, however he faked being off balance long enough to allow the remaining drow to dive through the door way.

Quickly, the wild elf touched the symbol of a flame upon his left arm and the symbol of an eye upon his right. Under the disguise of a flame arrow, Dae cast a flickering faerie fire onto the fleeing drow. The bolts impact left the dark elf's back scorched, however the great effect being the bright copper glow which outlined the drow against the darkness. The faerie fire, only visible to Dae and his two companions, left a beacon for the trio to follow as they rushed from their "prison" and mounted Klack.

Soaring above the trees, Dae guided Klack on the silent mission to discover where the drow would run to. From behind him, Dae could hear Sheil whispering arcane words to keep the wind from revealing their location. Tizer, completes his own incantation and the three elves, Klack and the blue flying kitten vanish from sight as they follow after the drow with ease.

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